Who are Taylor and Laura: Joshua Bassett’s Parents

Joshua Bassett is a popular American actor, singer and songwriter. He rose to fame by starring as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: Musical: Series. At the age of 7, he began playing the role of Ricky in the High School Musical: Series when he was 11 years old, playing JV Jock No. 2 made his professional debut.

Rumors of a relationship between Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett have made headlines over the past few years. In mid-2020, Demi Lovato and Zac Efron were connected. In early 2021, after Bassett co-star Olivia Rodrigo released her hit “Driver’s License”, rumors spread that the two were dating, as many fans interpreted it as about the actress. Who are Taylor and Laura: Joshua Bassett’s Parents.

Who are Taylor and Laura?

Bassett was born and raised in Oceanside, California, to Taylor and Laura’s parents. He has five sisters and is homeschooled. When he was 7 years old, 10 years before playing Ricky in High School Musical: The Musical: Series, Bassett was 7 years old when he joined High School Musical’s community theater productions with JV Jock No. performed with 2. Since then, Basset has appeared in over 30 musicals. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 16 to pursue his acting career and lived in a car for a while to earn a living.

Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter

The Disney Channel alumni attended the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards, and after appearing in the series High School Musical: Carpenter’s attendance enthusiastically. In an interview with Rodrigo and Madison Hu on her Bizaardvark co-star, Bassett was ecstatic to hear that Carpenter would be present when asked who he would most like to see. Bassett came to life when someone mentioned Charlie Puth.

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Joshua Bassett Personal Life

Bassett plays piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums and some saxophone. He revealed that he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community in an interview on May 10, 2021. Bassett became critically ill in January 2021 and was admitted to the hospital with septic shock and heart failure. If he hadn’t been to the hospital by 12 hours, he would have survived,” he said.


In August 2021, Bassett admitted in an interview that he had grappled with a poor body image issue that had become “seriously difficult” around the time the first season of the High School Musical: Series aired. In December 2021, Bassett stated that she was sexually assaulted when she was young.

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