Who are Trechelle & Treona Andino? Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki, YouTube

Trechelle & Treona Andino are American twin sisters who have built up fame and notoriety around the world. They are known for sharing impressive video and photo content through various social media platforms.

The twins also established a reputation as fashion influencers and models. In addition, he rose to stardom by uploading dance and lip sync videos on Instagram and TikTok. The twins have also achieved millions of followers on various social media platforms.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Biography/Wiki

The prominent twins were born into a middle-class American family. California, USA. At this time, information regarding Trechelle & Treona Andino has not yet shared factual information regarding her date of birth.

Beyond this, the identical twins did not even share important information regarding her educational background.

real name Tretzel & Treona Andino
nickname Splash Twins
place of birth California, USA
birthday not found
nationality American
job social media influencer

Trechelle & Treona Andino Age / Birthday

With a humble apology at this point, we do not have any important information regarding her age and birthday. We will update you as we get it.

Trechelle & Treona Andino congratulates over 100,000 followers.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Height and Weight

Talking about Trechelle & Treona Andino’s looks, she 5 feet 8 inches high and weight 59 kg. her hair color is Brown and the color of her eyes Brown. She has gained a stunning and seductive body.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Height and Weight
Trechelle & Treona Andino are pursuing their graduate degrees.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Early Fame

Eminent twins Trechelle & Treona Andino are famous twins who started their early careers on Instagram and made their name in the modeling industry. After his initial fame as Instagram stars Trechelle & Treona Andino, he also rose to fame as a video content creator.

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They have even gained fame and have also appeared in content and modeled for several fashion brands. They often use their own and self-titled Instagram accounts to share several swimwear and lingerie models highlighting sexy and seductive photo shoots. In addition to this, the twins gained additional fame as video content creators on a video sharing app called YouTube.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Early Fame
Tretzel & Treona Andino

Trechelle & Treona Andino Instagram and twins

Trechelle & Treona Andino started their Instagram journey in 2016 and delivered their first post on October 28, 2016. On the forums, twins are commonly known as: fried food. twins. The forums feature their impressive creations, jaw-dropping models, and fashion-influenced content.

They garnered a huge fan base for it. Due to their impressive reputation, identical twins have received several offers from several world-famous fashion brands for advertising.

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Besides, Instagram, identical twins also stand out on a short video and reel-sharing app called TikTok. On forums, twins often share prizes.Behind story, fun facts, brand story, special feature, musical expression video thereon.

In the end, it has secured a huge fan base all over the world. Now she has achieved more than that. over 16 million More than 1 billion followers and 1 billion likes for their videos.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Instagram and twins
Tretzel & Treona Andino

Trechelle & Treona Andino YouTube

On February 16, 2016, the twins started their video content journey with the help of a YouTube forum and shared their first post on . November 29, 2017, CUT OFF CHALLENGE IN WALMART/TOYSRUS!! (Must see!). Through the forum, identical twins are especially prank, challenged, Makeup tutorials, fashion-influenced vlogs and videos.

With great and engaging content to date, the Twins have garnered over 268K fan subscribers. The popular twins have shared numerous video blogs and videos about their posts. Twins account.

Trechelle & Treona Andino YouTube
Tretzel & Treona Andino

Trechelle & Treona Andino Videos and Vlogs

Their popular videos include: OUR FIRST REAL Dating *we surprised them*, SHELLIE GIRLY DRESSING!! *Reactions from everyone in the house*, Q&A with the gang, THE TRUTH… ( Storytime ), How to tell us apart?!, Stole my money pranks on Danny!, Others.

Not only do the twins frequently continue to share many vlogs, including videos, but Nose pierced!! Miami’s Truth talk timeShelly wisdom tooth removal (anaesthesia) Vlogmas Day 10-11, 19th Birthday Dinner/Congratulations!!, Lock the door and cry!! crashOur first tattoo/Zara’s first full hair!!, Others.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Videos and Vlogs
Tretzel & Treona Andino

Trechelle & Treona Andino net worth and earnings

Currently, the net worth and income of a popular social media influencer and fashion model can be roughly calculated as follows: 3 million dollars. The main sources of income for identical twins can be estimated from modeling, fashion influencers, and video content creation.

Trechelle Treona Andino 8

Trechelle & Treona Andino Family / Brothers and Relatives

There is no exact information about her family and relatives. According to social media references. Tretzel & Treona Andino Born and raised by Christian parents. However, the names of her parents and her siblings are still unknown. According to authorities, the twins’ father is a stable businessman.

Trechelle & Treona Andino Relationship / Boyfriend

The popular twin is currently single, so at this time there is no exact information about her relationship and love. We’ll let you know as we get information regarding the twins’ relationship details.

5 Interesting Facts About Trechelle & Treona Andino

  • Trechelle & Treona Andino are from California, USA.
  • Twins love the same kind.
  • They both like to wear the same clothes and go on the same adventures.
  • Twins are born every 5 minutes.
  • The twins have traveled to many beautiful places around the world.

social media


Do Trechelle & Treona Andino drink alcohol? Yes
does she smoke? Private
does she drive Yes
Do Trechelle & Treona Andino swim? Yes
Does she know cooking? Yes
Is she a yoga practitioner? Private
Do you have a gym? Private
Tretzel & Treona Andino Jogger? Private
eating habits? Private

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Trechelle & Treona Andino?

Mars Noire is an ambitious social media influencer fashion model and TikToker known primarily for sharing impressive content across a variety of social media platforms. She also has hundreds of thousands of followers on various social media forums.

Are Trechelle & Treona Andino Married?

There is no factual information regarding the relationship status of identical twins.

How old are Trechelle & Treona Andino?

The current era of the splash. twinz has not yet been shared in the public domain.

When is Trechelle & Treona Andino’s birthday?

There is currently no information regarding her birthday.

What is Trechelle & Treona Andino’s constellation?

Unfortunately, at this time, information regarding the zodiac sign of the twins has not yet been released to the public domain.

How tall is Trechelle & Treona Andino?

Trechelle & Treona Andino average 5′ 7″ tall.

Where did Trechelle & Treona Andino come from?

Trechelle & Treona Andino are from California, USA.

What is Trechelle & Treona Andino’s Net Worth?

Trechelle & Treona Andino’s 2022 net worth is estimated at over $3 million. Their main sources of income can be counted from modeling, video content and fashion influencers.

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