Who is Abraham Clinkscales? TikTok ‘Jamal did it’ meme faces backlash

TikTok has a new viral trend called “Jamal did it”. Although this trend is widespread, it is also controversial. It also creates memes and some are not happy with the trend. If you haven’t encountered this trend yet. Here’s what you need to know about the “Jamal did it” trend and the controversy surrounding it.

Read ahead to learn more about Jamal’s trend and the controversy surrounding it.

TikTok trend “Jamal did this” trend

TikTok has seen many trends that go by word of mouth and eventually even spawn some memes. Just like this new trend, Jamal has done it. Well, this trend isn’t really new on TikTok as it came back in April 2022.

Posts that are popular again on TikTok. The trend first appeared when we heard that emoji user @rodolfo.lopez1034 stole KFC chicken. This is where a picture of an African American boy could be blamed for Jamal. “Jamal did it,” says the video. Now it is fashionable everywhere.

The Jamal did it trend gives rise to funny memes.

Well, has it been trending on TikTok since Jamal came out? In the end, we also found some memes that occur in the trend. It is gaining popularity all over the internet. As with these trends and memes, users have been criticizing “Jamal did it.”

@rodolfo.lopez1034 We all know who we are without a doubt – 👨🏻‍🦳 #fish #xyzbca ♬ Must Move – Fred McDowell, Mississippi

Meanwhile, even Jamal’s meme went viral when a photo of the African-American boy went viral. presumed to be an actor Abraham Klingscale. But Jamal’s trends and memes don’t just make people laugh. Recently we even argued about the same thing.

Jamal Controversy Makes TikTok Trend

Despite the presence of Jamal, it was trendy and meme on TikTok as a fun trend. The black boy’s photo was all the accusation. However, some netizens criticized it as a kind of racist tendency to have the child.

The photo of a black boy used in the trend has made many users dislike it. Besides, it blamed the boy for everything he wasn’t responsible for. Users denounced Jamal’s trend, which Jamal called racist and uninteresting.

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