Who is Alicia Grouso? Screenrant editor gets ‘rape’ threats for her ‘literally’ tweet

Journalist Alisha Grauso’s Independence Day tweet went viral and she received “death and death” threats. After receiving her threats, Alisha revealed that her own tweets were going online in an unbelievable way. But what about Alisha Grauso’s tweets?

Read ahead to learn more about Alisha Grauso and her hateful comments.

Who is Alicia Grouso?

Alisha Grauso is a journalist known for working as an editor at Screenrant. She was educated at Indiana University, Pennsylvania. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. However, she has been working since 2011.

She was a professor who had previously started writing for several known media houses. But her recent tweet has sparked a lot of discussion after the Roe v. Wade ruling. In fact, she receives a lot of criticism and threats for this.

Alisha Grauso is threatened with ra*e and death.

One of the hottest news around the world these days is the Roe vs Wade ruling. The ruling, which came out in June, is about abortion. Well, this got a response from several people in America. However, after the verdict, Alisha tweeted congratulations on her independence day.

But now her tweets don’t seem to go well with some people. After her tweet, FOX News posted it online, and then went the other way. In fact, she receives insults and death threats for posting her tweets. She later also commented on the threat on social media.

Alisha Grauso’s reaction to ra*e and death threats

Alisha Grauso’s Happy Independence Day tweet asked Americans if they wanted to celebrate Independence Day. It was Fox News that posted Alisha’s tweets online.

After that, she started receiving death threats with ra*. Now Alicia reposted a tweet that she had been harassed for 36 hours since she was blackmailed. She also spoke of her death and ra* threats to her tweets that went online, not literally, to create a precarious state.

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