Who is Araquin Bae? Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband

AraQueenBae is a prominent Iran-based Canadian TikToker, Instagram star, video blogger, YouTuber and social media influencer. She is known for sharing great photos and videos through various social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

She is also a well-known model and fashion influencer who has created or gained a large fan base and followers.

In addition to this, AraQueenBae is also a prominent YouTube star, famous for the YouTube channel that bears her name.

Araquin Pear Biography / Wiki

The important actress and Instagram star was born in Tehran, Iran, into an Iranian business class family, but lives in Canada due to some problems. Where she holds her Canadian citizenship.

At an early age, her parents sent her to a provincial public high school in Iran to complete her early education. During the completion of her education, Iran’s major geopolitical issues led her to move to Canada with her family and friends.

real name araquin pear
nickname araquine
place of birth Tehran, Iran
birthday December 1, 1994
zodiac sign Archer
Nationality Canadian
job actor and model

Araquin Bae Age / Birthday

Considering her age and birthday, it’s August 12th, and she’s approx. As of 2022, he is 37 years old.

araquin pear playing with her pet

araquin belly height, weight, dimensions

Talking about AraQueenBae’s looks, she 5 feet 7 inches tall And Weight 57 kg. her hair color is back her eye color Brown. She has gained a stunning and seductive body.

araquin belly height, weight, dimensions
araquin pear enjoying her day with her friends

AraQueenBae early fame

araquin pear He is mainly known as an artist who travels the world with great content such as videos and photos. She is a well-known public figure with over millions of followers on various social media forums.

Before she switched to a full-time modeling career, araquin pear It operates as an auction house. She also participated in various acting and modeling competitions while studying at school.

AraQueenBae early fame
araquin pear modeling photo shoot

Araquinbae Instagram and TikTok

araquin pear It has expanded its fan base on social media platforms, especially the photo-sharing app Instagram. She showcased her own lifestyle, fashion, model shoots and gorgeous photos via her own Instagram account.

araquin pear He also used his Instagram account to promote various fashion and skincare brands. To date, she has amassed thousands of followers on the app.

August 2015 araquin pear She created an Instagram account and started sharing photos and videos that influence her models and fashion.

Her first debut post was delivered by her on August 21, 2015, by which time she had shared several photos and reels on her account.

To expand her fan base and popularity worldwide, she embarked on a TikTok journey. She gained her popularity by showing amazing and unique videos through her TikTok account.

She is considered one of the prominent TikTok stars in the video content industry. She is known for her comedy, entertaining content, and dancing.

Araquinbae Instagram and TikTok
araquin pear having fun at her party

araquin boat youtube

In addition to becoming a social media star to gain additional fame and popularity and agree to it, she also joined YouTube.

Her YouTube channel was created before her fame as a social media influencer. On August 8, 2013, she created or joined her Instagram forum to post attractive and impressive photos and videos.

Gradually, her first video was uploaded to her self-tilted YouTube channel on February 13, 2019, giving her channel a strong vibe to create and upload tons of videos and vlogs.

Currently, she has shared and uploaded countless videos. including Crazy 30 McDonald’s Burger Challenge 12,000+ Calories May 24, 2019 Trying Bikini | Araquin Pear June 1, 2019, I COOKED NAKED | Ara Queen Bae June 3, 2019 How to Drive Learning Manual | Ara Queen Bae, Dr. Get Lip and Chin Fillers with Ghavami | AraQueenBae, Too Loud, BIKINI SHOOT MUKBANG w/ Anna Matthew’s, MY FIRST CHANEL BAG| SHOP WITH ME & CHANEL UNBOXINGOthers.

araquin boat youtube
araquin pear

AraQueenBae net worth and income

araquin pear Net worth and earnings are approximate and can be estimated. two million dollars. Her significant sources of income can be counted from acting, modeling, fashion influences and promotions of various brands.

araquin boat youtube
araquin pear

AraQueenBae family/brothers and relatives

Unfortunately, at this time there is no relevant information araquin pear Her family and relatives have not yet shared her in the public domain.

However, it is known that the amazing fashion influencer was born in Tehran, Iran, but moved to Canada a few years later.

AraQueenBae family/brothers and relatives
araquin pear enjoying her day with her family and friends

AraQueenBae Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband

people all over the world want to know that much young and talented social media star, araquin pear Her personal as well as professional life.

In particular, they want to know about her love life or date. until now, araquin pear Her Instagram account hasn’t revealed anything about her dating life, nor has she provided any hints.

until that happens araquin pearHer relationship status is single and is completely focused on her up-and-coming career.

AraQueenBae Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband
araquin pear


  • AraQueenBae is from Tehran, Iran.
  • like now araquin pear I live in Canada and hold citizenship.
  • She is a prominent actress and model.
  • AraQueenBae has a reputation.
  • She has thousands of followers on Instagram.
  • AraQueenBae looks amazing, alluring and charming.
  • She loves to travel and has traveled to many beautiful places such as Russia, Italy, London and Paris.
  • She is an animal lover, especially dogs and cats.

social media

favorite things

favorite color Purple
favorite destination Bern, Switzerland
favorite actor Golab Laba
favorite actress Vanessa Ponce
favorite sport archery
favorite athlete Mete Gazoz


Do araquin pears drink alcohol? Yes
does she smoke? no
does she drive Yes
Does AraQueenBae swim? Yes
Does she know how to cook? Yes
Is she a yoga practitioner? Yes
Do you have a gym? Yes
Is it an araquin boat? Jogger? Yes
eating habits? no

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Araquin Bae?

She is an impressive and acclaimed social media influencer and tick-talker who has earned fame and notoriety worldwide. Apart from this, she is also a prominent YouTube and video blogger.

Bae Ara Queen Married?

No, for now, there is a single TikTokker relationship detail with a talented and prominent social media influencer.

How old is Araquinbae?

Based on her date of birth, her age can be roughly calculated. 27 years as of 2022.

When is Araquinbae’s birthday?

Bae Ara Quinn’s birthday is December 1st, and on the same day every year, she celebrates her birthday with friends and family.

What is the constellation of Araquin Pear?

according to date of birth araquin pear, her constellation stand Archer.

How tall is araquin belly?

AraQueenBae’s average height is 5′ 7″.

where araquin pear at?

AraQueenBae is from Tehran, Iran, but currently lives in Canada.

What is AraQueenBae’s net worth?

Current net worth and income araquin pear It can be calculated around 2 million dollars. An important source of income for her is brand promotion and other business activities.

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