Who is Ashley Russell? Fitness model captain Adam Levine sent her her flirt message.

Fitness influencer and University of Alabama student Ashley Russell has come forward to accuse Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine of sending a message via Instagram. The influencer revealed that she started sending her her messages earlier this year. Ashley Russell is known for exposing the father of her two children after four other women had their comparative encounters with her vocalist. Ashley Russell revealed that her Instagram exchange started on March 13th.

The 21-year-old has guaranteed that Moves Like Jagger singer Adam Levine will see and message her Instagram Stories around 10pm almost every night. Ashley Russell, who was 20 when her duo went online, claimed to have seen her own Instagram stories constantly appearing on him. She added that he basically likes loot stories and will keep answering questions related to bridges or loot work at the Rec Center. A fitness influencer told a young woman like me that if I DM her, she would get caught, and then she said no messages.

Who is Ashley Russell? Fifth woman claiming that Adam Levine sent her Instagram message

A fifth woman approached and claimed that Adam Levine started an obscene conversation with her via social media. Ashley Russell, who runs a fitness Instagram account with her just over 4,100 followers, claimed that her recent Maroon 5 vocalist saw a story similar to her own post and even sent her a message directly. . The 21-year-old, who mentioned DailyMail in her article published on Wednesday, claimed that she would send her her message almost every evening around 10pm. Ashley Russell insisted on him that she was only 20 at the time. He mostly likes to talk about loot and constantly answers with something related to his legs or loot in the gym.

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In a proceeding of screenshots that captured the discussion between Adam Levine, 43, and Russell, he first wrote to her that ‘the most important and the simplest leg day that can be skipped’. Later in her discussion, he asked her, ‘Is going to school right?’ and ‘Good leg. #promise. Ashley Russell says Adam Levine thought it was ‘unusual’ for her to talk to her, but she should continue her discussion to see how far she can take him. She said he found me on Instagram’s Discover page because he’s interested in fitness and I have a fitness account. She realized it was odd and had to make sure it wasn’t crushed and deteriorated. Ashley Russell claimed he stopped sending me messages when I told him he was going to get caught by DMs to young women like me.

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Ashley Russell joins four other women who have sued their soon-to-be father of three. The first woman, Instagram model Sumner Stroh, had an affair while ‘Girls Like You’ artist Adam Levine was married to spouse Behati Prinsloo. said he was being used under suspicion. She also confessed exclusively to Page Six that she and Adam Levine had a ‘physical’ relationship after graduating from college in 2021. In any case, Adam Levine quickly denied Sumner Stroh’s allegations, saying he wasn’t involved in anything, but ‘I went too far in the deplorable period of my life. I had poor judgment when talking to someone other than my half in any kind of flirtatious way. The father of both children admitted the same.

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