Who is Brianna Arrington: What We Know

Brianna Arrington was found covered in blood and barely breathing in the front seat of a silver Mercedes on April 24, 2020, hours after 10 of the outlaw Blood Street gang attempted to murder her. The attackers kidnapped her newborn baby, loaded it five miles and dumped it on the road, leaving the baby alone to face. He was found on a round of garbage collectors during a storm.

At a preliminary hearing in December 2020, a 20-year-old single mother described a traumatic experience. She took off her prosthesis to show the court that she was actually injured at the time. Arrington says she has two jobs: at a BP gas station and at Tidewater Community College to support herself and her children, but she is unable to afford her home to live in yet due to financial constraints, she explained. Who is Brianna Arrington: What We Know.

Brianna Arrington: What We Know

Brianna Arrington met 18-year-old Skylar “Thump” Webb through her boyfriend six months before the tragedy. Webb was a member of the Outlaw Bloods gang who later introduced her to her others. Arrington said she didn’t initially believe she was part of a gang. Beyond that they gave her a place to live so she could stay with her son in her apartment in the expansive Arlay Point complex known as ‘Glen Myrtle’, one of her gang’s two strongholds. .

“I wanted to be a family. It felt like many of us had nowhere to go and thought of each other as family. That was all I wanted to be a part of. They allowed me to stay at their house. I had no place to live. I went there because my son and I were homeless and thought they were good people,” Arrington testified in court.

My mother quickly discovered that they were not good people. They were part of Eastside Rollin’ 20s Outlaw Bloods, founded decades ago in South Los Angeles as Blood’s Birth. The county prosecutor said that by 2020, Norfolk’s local affiliate had determined a local boss named Brandon “Sayso” Winnegan, who was not well known but had already reported directly to Los Angeles’ Bloods leadership.

“This is not a grassroots domestic crew calling themselves gangsters. This is an official organized criminal street gang that acts for the benefit of the organization and actively recruits and commits criminal activity.”

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Is Brianna Arrington a victim?

According to reports, Brianna Arrington was asked to join the gang in mid-April, but she turned it down. “I said I wanted to be part of the family,” she recalled. But despite her resistance, she was forced to join, and during her induction ceremony, she was beaten by gangsters for over 20 minutes.

According to Arrington, everything was difficult for her and she was unable to learn secret handshakes and pedigree history and traditions, and as a result she was severely disciplined. “I told him I wasn’t that type of person,” Arrington recalled at the hearing. “How do I do all this? It wasn’t me and I’m not comfortable with it.’” She added, “I never intended to deal with this.” Winnegan slapped her in the face at that point. According to eyewitnesses, Smith-Moore and Toparshia Hodges said they would be killed because they knew too much about them.

The victim was then escorted downstairs into her vehicle by the suspect, who placed her in the driver’s seat with the child in his lap. She couldn’t get out because she didn’t have the key. She honked her horn, but there was no help. “I don’t remember anything after that,” Arrington said in testimony.

Then she was transported to another location and stabbed several times in the head and back. The suspects were also known to have shot in her right eye, but her bullet missed her brain and escaped through her ear. Nearly seven hours after the police found Alex’s body, police received a 911 call from a woman in the Mercedes-Benz.

A police officer who arrived at the scene said, “I thought he was dead.” I didn’t expect her to answer,” he added. Arrington suffered damage to one of his eyes as a result of the assault and is unable to hear with his right ear. She said she took 28 pills daily to treat trauma from the attack. “I got up and screamed and yelled and cried a lot and fought a lot in my sleep,” she said.

According to the report, 10 people suspected of being members of the Outlaw Blood were arrested two months after the assault in June 2020. Brendon Winnegan, Deondre Watkins, Javonne Hodges, Toparshia Hodges, Asja Smith-Moore, Sadia Brown, Ginger McAfee, Skylar Webb and Tavarrius Mitchell are among them. They have been charged with a number of charges, including malicious injury. the use of a gun for a felony; abduction; mob assault; conspiracy to commit a crime; massive theft; Gang Harassment and Gang Participation.

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