Who is Britney Bell? All About Nick Cannon’s Ex-Girlfriend

American model Brittany Bell is expecting her third child with TV presenter Nick Cannon. The couple have been dating each other for a long time. Although the two were in a romantic relationship with each other both on and off. They even share two children with each other. While the third is closing soon. So, when will they have their third child?

Read ahead to learn more about Nick Cannon and his ex-girlfriend expecting their third child together.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell’s Love Life

American television host Nick Cannon’s love life has always been in the limelight. Because he’s dated a lot of girls throughout his life. Mariah Carey or Brittany Bell. Nick’s love life was full of dating and dating. He even shares a child with many of those women.

American model Brittany Bell, on the other hand, was Miss Guam, who won the 2014 beauty pageant. Her love life revolved mainly around Nick Cannon, whom she dated her and dated her. Don’t miss it. She also shares two children with an American TV host.

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When did Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell start dating?

Brittany Bell was a beauty pageant. When she won the Miss Guam title in 2014. The very next year she met American TV presenter Nick Cannon. By that time Nick had already been separated from her wife Mariah Carey. Although Mariah and Nick shared twins with each other.

But the love between Nick and Brittany happened. After posting, they continued dating. The couple then had a son, Golden “Sagon” Cannon, in 2017. Their next child, a daughter named Powerful Queen, was born in 2020.

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Brittany Bell is expecting their third child with Nick Cannon.

Brittany Bell is back expecting a baby with Nick Cannon. The kid is probably due in the later part of it this year. But they already have two children. Posts that decided to make the family bigger.

This is Brittany Bell’s third child with Nick Cannon, but don’t miss it. However, Nick previously had children with other partners as well. So the one who should be with Bell will be her tenth child. Of course, the couple are very excited to have a baby soon this year.

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