Who is Camila Cabello’s new boyfriend, Austin Kevich?

Austin Kevitch is the founder of Lox Club, a ‘private dating app for absurdly high-level Jews’. Moreover, Camila Cabello appears to have fallen in love with Shawn Mendes after two years of dating in November 2021. Singer Austin Kevich (25) is rumored to be dating. Who is Camila Cabello’s new boyfriend, Austin Kevich?

Austin Kevich and Camila Cabello

Lox Club is run by Austin and Ryan, who both follow each other on Instagram. Austin created the Lox Club as a joke a few years ago before there was a call to start it in the fall of 2020. According to October 2021 E! In his news profile, he says he woke up and saw over 1,000 people applying for an app that didn’t exist yet.

Austin initially ignored caution until the plague forced him to reconsider. It is said that a new relationship began less than a year after Camila ended her engagement with Shawn Mendes. In November 2021, Camila and Shawn announced their breakup in an Instagram statement. Camila and Shawn were friends for 5 years before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend in 2019.

When did Camila Cabello meet Austin?

The two first met in 2014 while supporting Austin Mahone’s Live On Tour concert. When they met, Camila was still a member of Fifth Harmony. The two were successful and decided to work together on the song I Know What You Did Last Summer, released in November 2015.

When Camila and Shawn became close, they sparked dating speculation. They tried to break it down for years before they even got into a relationship. The report grew even bigger when Camila and Sean released the heartwarming music video for their second collaboration song, Senorita, in June 2019.

The music video featured some very sweet moments of what the two supposedly ‘friends’, such as Shawn taking off her clothes right in front of Camila’s face and singing a song just a few inches away. Despite officially admitting in August, Camila and Shawn have witnessed kissing multiple times over the weeks.

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Camila Cabello Previous Relationship Status

Camila Cabello and Shawn also later released music, which appears to be working out their breakup. Bam Bam collaborated with Camila on the song “Publicity”. She sings: When You’re Gone worked with her fellow ex-boyfriend Shawn on When You’re Gone.

According to ET, Camila had this to say about the chorus: ‘I started writing this song with her colleagues a few months ago and we got the chorus idea of ​​what it would be like to be in our late teens and early twenties falling in love and falling in love.’

‘”Life is a roller coaster,” I tell myself, as my mother said many times. Crying on the bathroom floor will develop feelings for someone else and you will end up standing on the bathroom floor again. And that’s how change works. Things only go in one direction. You never know what lies ahead.

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