Who is Chef Pie? ‘Pink Source Lady’ blocks backlash against safety.

You may have come across the title “Pink Sauce lady” on your social media feeds last week. It may have passed, but it’s hard to get out of it now. Chef Carly Pii takes the Pink Sauce Lady Crisis very, very personally. Because that’s true.

Why was the Pink Sauce Lady the target of criticism?

She received a lot of criticism after the $20 Pink Sauce woman went viral on TikTok, but it was already exhausted. You guys really need to give me a break. In a roughly 52-minute YouTube video posted on Thursday, the chef said the negativity should stop. “I need to distance myself from this. I won’t let you all bury me mentally.

There were beginner-level problems when the product debuted, and word of mouth of the product made it even worse. On July 1st, the Pink Sauce Lady, which private chef Pii previously claimed to have given to private customers, was sold for $20 a bottle. It used to be a promotional item. Pii recently told the Washington Post:

Pink Sauce Lady’s supporters are persistent

While Pink Source supporters remain the same, many TikTok users are pouring out criticism and concerns about the product. If you are just learning about the subject, the following information will help you catch up. Pronounced “pea”, private chef Chef Pie works in Miami. According to a YouTube video, she has been working as a cook for four years. She also isn’t discouraged by the controversy surrounding her hugely popular product. FYI, her TikTok nickname, Chef Pie, is not her real name. The single mother of two boys told NBC’s “Today” program that she prefers to keep her private life without revealing her real name. She introduces herself as Carly Pii on YouTube, where she has an account of the same name.

@chef.pii Reply to @iiam_.chanel ♬ Original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

Chef Pie: The Pink Source Lady often gets over 1 million views.

The 29-year-old claimed to have had around 800 TikTok followers a month ago. Currently, she has 4 million likes on her posts and over 142,000 followers. Her videos often get over 1 million views. “This is a small business,” she commented on TikTok. “This small company is growing really fast.” According to her Flavor Crazy website, Chef Pii also offers catering for more than 50 people, private sit-down meals with “mixology services,” and other services.


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