Who is Donnie Wahlberg? Details of Jenny McCarthy’s Husband

Famous American actress Jenny McCarthy was a popular star, but do you know who her husband is? Well, Jenny McCarthy was a professionally famous person. Since her life is a television character, she has always attracted everyone’s attention. But her love life was something everyone aspired to while not many knew about who McCarthy was married to.

Read ahead to learn more about Jenny McCarthy and her husband.

A little about Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy Walhberg is a famous American broadcaster, actor, and model. She is 49 years old and is best known as a model for Playboy magazine. Her career dates back to 1993.

Her acting career also brought her a lot of fame. In 1995, she even appeared as a host on MTV’s Singled Out show. At the same time, her love line also attracts attention. Many of her fans do not know who she is currently married to.

Who is Jenny McCarthy’s husband?

Well, if you don’t know who Jenny McCarthy married. Then she is the wife of actress and singer Donnie Walhberg. Donnie and Jenny met at Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2012.

Donnie and Jenny married each other in 2014. However, Donnie and Jenny are both childless. Meanwhile, Jenny is already the mother of her 20-year-old son Evan, whom she shares with her ex-husband John Asher. Donnie is also the father of Xavier, 29, and Elijah, 21, with ex-wife Kimberly Fey.

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Jenny McCarthy on her relationship with Donnie Wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Walhberg have shared a good bond with each other since they started dating. Occasionally Jenny appeared virtually on the Rachael Ray show. But in the broadcast, she said, “We celebrated our 7th anniversary. And I can’t believe we made 7 years. It’s good that it’s only been about a year,” she said.

Celebrating Donnie and Jenny’s 8th anniversary, Donnie and Jenny have people asking, “Why do you renew your vows every year?” on their Instagram. They also tend to be like those who ask, “How do you go about maintaining such a new marriage?” He thanked his wife for always taking care of her heart.

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