Who is Eric Guti? Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Career, Weight, Girlfriend, Wiki Biography

Erick Gooty is a famous Indian Instagram star, YouTuber, dancer, model and social media influencer. He gained popularity by sharing comedy videos and acting content on various social media platforms. On the other hand, Eric is also known for collaborating with his girlfriend to create short content.

Eric has also built a reputation as a fashion influencer and video content creator. Apart from this, it is the world famous TIkToker with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Eric Guti Wiki Bio:

Erick Goody did not share any important information regarding her birthday. He was born into a Christian family from the United States.

Erick has not yet shared facts related to his educational qualifications. Erick found a passion for acting and modeling in college. His hobbies are dancing, modeling, acting and traveling.

name Eric Guti
place of birth Delhi, India
Nationality United States of America
birthday not found
Age as of 2022 not found
job Dancer, video content creator, model

Eric Guti age and birthday

As of now, Erick Gooty has not yet shared any information regarding his age or birthday.

Eric Guty’s height and weight

If we talk about his height and weight, he has an amazing weight and average height. It is 6 feet tall and weighs about 60 kg.. He has brown eyes and brown curly hair. He does yoga and exercise to keep his body fit and healthy.

Eric Guti Career / Instagram / TikTok

Erick Gooty is a famous social media star who started his career on various social media platforms. After his graduation, he started sharing his short video content.

At the same time, she is also a model who quickly gained popularity on Instagram. She also rose to prominence as her dancer and video content creator after she gained early fame as a model and Instagram star, which she shared on her own TikTok account. She has since gained fame in the modeling and social media industries.

Eric Guti Instagram and TikTok

In 2018, Erick Gooty started joining Instagram forums to share his modeling and fashion impact journey. Likewise, he posted his first post on January 28th after joining the forum in 2018.

Likewise, through the forums, he mainly asks open-ended questions, brand stories, promo posts, fun facts, abstract photos, portraits, and beauty. With great content, he has built a reputation in a short time as a popular content creator.

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Meanwhile, Eric Guti has made a huge splash with his video-sharing platform called TikTok. She joined the forum. 2019Through the platform, he mainly shares his well-crafted choreography. Dance Videos, Live Videos, Frequently Asked Questions, Freeze Frame Videos, Freeze Frame Videos, Workout Videos, Collaborations with Influencers, Trending Hashtag-Based VideosOthers.

eric guti youtube

In addition to this, Erick Gooty has expanded his fan base on a video blog and video sharing platform titled YouTube. In 2017, Erick Gooty created a YouTube account and eventually started distributing open-ended questions, brand stories, promo posts, fun facts, abstract photos, portraits, and beauties.

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To date, Erick has shared numerous video blogs and short videos with engaging and compelling content, and has won hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers.

Eric Guti Family Relatives Siblings

To date, information regarding Eric Guti, relatives and family background information has not yet been released publicly. However, we will find some important statements relating to his family and will update you on all information relating to his family and relatives.

Eric Guti Relationship / Girlfriend / Wife

At this point in time, Eric Guti has not yet provided any facts or information regarding dating and dating facts. You’ll get notifications about his personal and romantic life until he shares the finer details.

Eric Guti Net Worth and Income

What is Shraddha’s Net Worth? According to authentic sources, Shraddha’s net worth is approximately $1 million in 2022.. His main sources of income are music videos, brand endorsements and social media apps. Because of her vigorous career, her net worth can be expected to rise in the future.


  • Eric Guti is a prominent Instagram star.
  • He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.
  • He looks so handsome and attractive.
  • He enjoys traveling.
  • His hobbies are dancing, eating, horseback riding and traveling.
  • Erick Gooty has traveled to many beautiful places around the world.

social media

eric guti instagram not found
eric guti youtube not found
Eric Guti Tik Tok not found

favorite things

favorite color orange and red
favorite destination Paris, France
favorite actor Will Smith
favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence
favorite sport golf
favorite athlete Shree Swankar Sharma


  • Does Eric Guti drink alcohol?
  • no.
  • Does she know how to cook?
  • yes.
  • Does Eric Guti go to the gym?
  • yes.
  • does she smoke?
  • no.
  • Does she know how to drive?
  • Yes
  • Does Eric Guti swim?
  • Yes
  • Is he a yoga practitioner?
  • yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eric Guti?

Erick Gooty is a popular model, video content creator, and fashion influencer, best known for sharing impressive and daring modeling and lip sync videos on a variety of social media platforms.

How old is Eric Guti?

Erick Gooty’s age-related information has not yet been shared with him in the public domain.

When is Eric Guti’s birthday?

No, information about the Erick Gooty birthday stand is currently unavailable.

How tall is Eric Guti?

Eric Guti is average. 5′ to 8″ high.

Where did Eric Guti come from?

Erick Goody is from the United States.

What is Eric Guti’s net worth?

net worth Eric Guti 2022 as of now calculated more than One million dollars. His main sources of income can be calculated from brand promotion, modeling and influencing fashion.

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