Who is Ernesto Caralero? Rapper Otrapstar dies at 23 in Miami car accident

According to authorities, Ernesto Enrique Carralero, better known by his stage name OhTrapstar, was in a car with two passengers when he lost control and collided with a Miami duplex. After colliding with the structure, the truck overturned and started a fire. According to authorities, three people were killed. Also included is 23-year-old rapper Ernesto Carralero. Ernesto Carralero, Bayle Pricilla Bucceri (23) and Candido Miguel Barroso-Nodarse (22) have been confirmed as the trio.

How did Ernesto Carralero’s accident happen?

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Miami Police Department spokeswoman Michael Vega told NBC Miami that the car may have been speeding. “We think speed is part of the crash,” Vega said. “It’s still in the early stages of the investigation, but we’re looking at what role it played in the tragedy,” he said.

More about Ernesto Caralero

Ernesto Carralero was a budding rapper with over 114,000 Instagram followers. The rapper is perhaps best known for his song “Choppa”, which got over 10 million YouTube views in 2017. As of Friday morning, GoFundMe, founded by Ernesto Carralero’s brother to help with funeral expenses, has grossed over $5,600. “As his older brother, none of this feels genuine, and I think it’s wrong to write this.” Ernesto Caralero’s older brother posted on his Facebook page, “We are deeply moved by this horrific tragedy, as three lovely souls have been taken from the other families involved.”

After the tragic news of Ernesto Carralero’s death, friend and rapper Lil Ominous paid tribute to him on Instagram. “I love you, little brother.” The narrator says: “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you,” he wrote. I feel so bad right now. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. From a young age, we rap, play basketball, and try to teach us to respect our mothers. I miss you, friend, and you will always be on my mind.”



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