Who is Isaiah Pocora, son of Christina Millian?

40675 Isaiah Pokora is the second son of actress Christina Milian, and interest in him is growing. Isaiah Pokora’s famous parents keep him dazzling in the press, though it’s not uncommon in the lives of celebrities. Christina Milian and Isaiah’s father Terius Nash (also known as The-Dream) were married from 2009 to 2011. Pokora has an older sister, Violet Madison Nash, who was born in February 2010. Although Pokora’s parents are no longer together, they co-parent their two children. Several people on Twitter congratulated him on his birthday, as well as celebrities, and his parents recently celebrated his second birthday. Who is Isaiah Pocora, son of Christina Millian?

Meet Isaiah Pokora: Christina Millian’s Son

Isaiah Pokora is the son of American actress Christina Million, born in early 2019. Christina seems to be her fantastic mother to Isaiah, who seems to be having fun and being comfortable with her.

Ten years later, she appears to be enjoying motherhood again with her two sons, Isaiah and his younger brother, who was born last month. According to Christina’s African-Cuban, her children have very long roots because their parents are from different parts of the world.

The Age of Isaiah Pokora

Isaiah Pocora is now two years old and has built a loyal fan base with a reputation for being the son of a celebrity. Born in France on January 20, 2020, he is raised by loving parents.

We believe he has a mixed French-American heritage because he was born to parents with distinct nationalities and ethnicities. Not only that, as he is the eldest son, he is also very attentive.

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brother Isaiah Pokora

Isaiah Pokora is the brother of adorable little Kenna Tota, who was born 5 months ago. He also has a half-sister as he is the older brother of the beautiful little Kenna Tota. From her first marriage to her musician Dream, Christina has already had the opportunity to become her mother thanks to her wonderful daughter Violet Madison Nash.

Christina seems to have a close relationship with her daughter. We believe Isaiah has a good relationship with her twin sister, especially since she is pregnant.

Isaiah Pokora’s father

Isaiah Pocora is the son of famous French musician Matt Pocora. Matt Pokora, whose Instagram name is mattpokora is Isaiah’s father. It was an amazing experience for him to be the father of two rather lovely and cheerful boys.

We found that Isaiah’s parents were avoiding displaying his paintings with his features so that they could not see his face. He is a lovely young man and his mother @christinamilian has a great Instagram account where you can find out more about him.

Isaiah Pokora Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Isaiah Pokora’s mother?
  • Isaiah Pokora’s mother is actress Christina Millian.
  • What is Isaiah Pokora’s ethnicity?
  • Isaiah Pokora is of African-Cuban descent.
  • His father is French and his mother is American.
  • How old is Isaiah Pokora?
  • Isaiah Pokora is two years old.
  • Born on January 20, 2020 in France.

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