Who is Jackie Miskanic? ‘Victoria’s Secret’ singer Jax has gone viral on TikTok.

TikTok is going viral on the app with the song “Victoria’s Secret” by singer “Jax”. TikTok is a great platform to promote a song or similar in addition to providing fun videos. Lately we’ve seen Jax’s new song go viral on the app. But why?

Singer Jax went viral on TikTok with the song “Victoria’s Secret”.

Who is Jax popular with on TikTok?

Jax’s real name is Jackie Miskanic, who is popular on TikTok these days. He is also a singer and a Tik Tok player. Her singing journey took her to her singing reality show American Idol. This is where she saw her in the show’s 14th season. Although there are many of her songs that she has released so far.

However, recently she has been gaining popularity on TikTok. She also has thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube. But her recent new release is driving TikTok crazy. It’s about her new song “Victoria’s Secret” that captivates everyone.

Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret” trending on TikTok

As TikTok is a new platform, artists love to promote their releases. Jax also promoted her new song “Victoria’s Secret” with the help of the platform. The release date is July 6th this year. Since then, it has become a new obsession with the Internet.

The song Victoria’s Secret actually talks about love for the body. Women who emphasize how to get a perfect body often make the wrong health choices. Although their bodies are already perfect in their own way. The lyrics of this song are getting a lot of attention on the internet, especially on TikTok.

User reactions to Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret”

Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret” is going viral on TikTok. While those lyrics make me love it even more. Most of all, women are listening to this song a lot. In fact, users even commented on viral videos.

Some people think this song is “a song for women.” Others liked the way the song spoke about love the way we are. Than to change to what we are not. Meanwhile, the song is getting millions of views and likes from everyone on TikTok.

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