Who is John Odom’s wife Trashelle Odom?

Trashelle Odom is a Canadian woman who became famous after accusing Corey Lewandowski of molesting her. According to Trashelle, he caressed her in an unprofessional way. Trashelle Odom Bullying Incident On September 29, 2021, Lewandowski withdrew all accusations against him from Odom. On September 26, 2021, a charity event in Las Vegas was the scene of a sexual assault case. She and her husband ‘John Odom’ were one of the Republican donors to attend an event at the Benihana restaurant at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Corey Lewandowski is a married father of three children who share custody with his wife Alison Lewandowski. She sexually teased her at her charity dinner in Las Vegas, Nevada, when this man touched her legs and buttocks several times.

According to the complaint, she claimed that Corey continued to touch her inappropriately. His stalking made her feel her bullying and fear. David Chesnoff is the attorney representing Lewandowski in this matter. According to David, Trashelle’s argument is evolving every minute of his statement. Eventually, Shor informed him that he and his clients would not respond in any way. Corey Lewandowski has been fired from the head of Make America Great Again Action. This was created by Taylor Budowich. Who is John Odom’s wife Trashelle Odom?

traschel odom bio

Trashelle Power is her real name. According to public reports, Trashelle Power is one of her nicknames. She was born in California, USA in 1989. She continued her education by attending public schools in her hometown. She said in one of her interviews that she was born into a poor family.

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Trashelle Odom Profile

real name Trachelle Odom
age 33 years old (as of 2022)
birthday 1989
ethnicity mix
key 5 feet 4 inches
weight 55 kg
measurement 36-26-40 inches
bra cup size 34 EE
husband John Odom
net worth $1 million – $1.2 million

Husband of Trachelle Odom

Trashelle Odom is married to renowned Trump writer and construction executive John Odom. On July 7, 2017, the two exchanged vows. Trashelle and John have five children, including Holland Odom and Scarlett Odom. All of them live in a huge mansion in Meridian, Idaho, USA.

In a statement, she said she was very lucky to have a spouse like John who supported her when she disclosed her sexual assault experience. They attended September 26, 2021 to support Victoria’s Voice Foundation. This charity is fighting substance abuse awareness. She was sitting next to Lewandowski at the time, and he repeatedly molested her in an incident that completely overwhelms her.

Trashelle Odom Career

Trashelle Odom is currently employed by her husband, who runs a company called HMH Construction. Their company is located in Nampa, Idaho, USA. She first worked with them in 2015. In addition to this, she works in a racing family business known as Odom Racing. It is owned by Trashelle and John Odom and she manages with him too. We run a popular YouTube channel where we post daily vlogs with our family.

Trashelle Odom Net Worth

She worked for many years as a successful businessman in her husband’s company. Before she joined HMH Construction, she worked in a variety of different industries. Trashelle Odom has a net worth of approximately $1 million to $1.2 million.

Trashelle Odom Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Trachelle Odom?
  • Trashelle Power, also known as Trashelle Odom, is an American entrepreneur and social media personality.
  • How old is Trashelle Odom?
  • Trashelle Odom was born on October 8, 1989 in California, USA.
  • Is Trashelle Odom Married?
  • Yes, she has been married to John Odom since 2017 and the couple have 5 children.
  • What is Trashelle Odom Net Worth?
  • She worked for many years as a successful businessman in her husband’s company.
  • How much does Trashelle Odom earn?
  • No information is currently available, but we will let you know when it becomes available.
  • Is Trashelle Odom Dead or Alive?
  • She is very alive and doing well with her career and family.

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