Who is Laverne Cox’s boyfriend? ‘OITNB’ star Cox gets her own Barbie doll before her birthday

Laverne Cox now has her own Barbie doll, which she describes as “a dream come true.”

To celebrate the Emmy-winning actress’ 50th birthday, Barbie announced that the Tribute Collection doll will be released on Wednesday.

To celebrate her achievements in the LGBTQIA+ community, Laverne Cox turns into one of the iconic dolls and releases Mattel’s first transgender Barbie doll.

“I can’t wait for my dolls to appear on the shelves and for fans to add a transgender-modeled Barbie doll to their collection,” she said in a statement. The actress, producer, and writer said she was “unbelievable” of her “surreal” experience of her own.

Cox is proud that Barbie can show kids that “there is hope and potential to be who you are.” She referred to recent anti-transgender legislation and discrimination against trans children.

The actress in ‘Orange is the New Black’ hasn’t made much progress yet. She was also thrilled to receive this doll, where she is an actress, producer, reality star and LGBT activist. “It’s been my dream for years to make my own dolls with Barbie,” she said. In an interview with People, Cox said she showed Barbie to her kids that “she has the hope and the potential to be who she is.”

Where can I get a Laverne Cox Barbie and how much does it cost?

Mattel explained that the doll was made to resemble Cox. Featuring a dark ox blood red tulle gown, heeled boots, silver earrings and a silver metallic bodysuit. Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s vice president and global head of Barbie and Dolls, expressed her feelings in her statement.

“With the Tribute Collection Barbie, we are proud to highlight the importance of inclusion and acceptance at all ages and to recognize the significant impact Laverne has on culture,” she said. The special edition Barbie will be available on Amazon on Tuesday, May 25th. Also available at Walmart and Target MattelCreations.com for $39.99.”

In honor of Cox, the toy company is also making a donation to the charity TransFamilySOS. Her LGBTQIA+ advocate revealed that she was “very involved” in making her own dolls. Laverne Cox Barbie also has a cheeky secret bonus outfit.

Credit: Mattel

About Raven Cox

Laverne Cox was born on May 29, 1972 in Mobile, Alabama. Laverne Cox was raised by her single mother. Cox has an identical twin brother, M Lamar, who starred as Sophia (Marcus) pre-switched in ‘Orange is the New Black’. She went on to become the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan. She was also a regular on American Broadcast TV’s first transgender series. In addition to being nominated for Primetime Emmys and other awards.

Credit: Mattel

In an interview with The View in February 2022, she revealed that they were dating and were attracted to their reunion. She did not reveal the identity of her boyfriend. She explained that being a black transgender person in the dating world is difficult. So others say they don’t know her boyfriend. “It’s really weird.” She said. She said he’s been working hard to keep him out of the spotlight. “Yeah, he’s technically 22 years younger than me, but that didn’t matter.”

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