Who is Leticia Ramirez? NYC judge frees man caught with 500 rounds

2011 Civil Court Electoral Judge Leticia Ramirez. She also served as Acting Judge of the Manhattan Supreme Court for a time she also served.

Ramirez accepted Matthew Velardo’s plea for supervised release.

On Sunday, July 31, a Bronx man suspected of possessing a rifle. And New York Judge Leticia Ramirez fired a large amount of ammunition. On the same day, a judge released the murder suspect on $5,000 bail and allowed him to return to society. On Sunday, Ramirez accepted Matthew Bellardo’s plea for a supervised release and released him. Prosecutors demanded his bail release.

Bellardo was detained.

Velardo was detained using American Tactical Tires. He was then charged with the use of a criminal weapon after finding 22 rifles, an extended magazine and 500 rounds of ammunition in the trunk of the vehicle. According to a spokesperson, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark’s office claimed a $50,000 bond, a $150,000 security deposit, or a $150,000 bond. But Ramirez ignored the request.

Robert Miller

Official and prison records confirmed his release.

In another case, Ramirez was released the next day of Vernon Gowdy, a 54-year-old cigarette shop employee, charged with the fatal murder of a man outside the store on Saturday, July 30. And for possession of a weapon for a crime, Ramirez set Gowdy’s bail of $5,000 because the Bronx District Attorney’s Office wanted him to be imprisoned. According to officials and prison records, he was fined and released on July 31.

Gordy, who worked in a municipal park, had been arrested 15 times before. He also spent time in prison in the 1990s. He was detained in connection with the 1991 murder of Anna McCoy. Because in 2011 he claimed he revealed himself to a colleague in the park department. However, he avoided conviction because there was not enough evidence. 2011 Civil Court Electoral Judge Leticia Ramirez also briefly served as Acting Judge of the Manhattan Supreme Court. She served as a judge in Brooklyn Family Court for four years. According to state officials, she was assigned to the city’s criminal court on Sunday.



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