Who is Lindsay Capuano? A photo of Bryce Hall kissing sparked dating rumors.

TikToker and YouTuber Bryce Hall is driving netizens crazy with his dating rumors after a spicy photo with Lindsay Capuano went viral. Well, Bryce Hall’s love life has always been the talk of the town. There may have been someone else in his life before. The latest rumor about him is about his relationship with Lindsay Capuano. But are they really dating each other?

Read ahead to learn more about the dating rumors after a spicy photo of Bryce Hall with Lindsay Capuano went viral.

Bryce Hall and his love life

Over the years, Bryce Hall has established herself as a popular TikToker and YouTuber. It actually gave him a lot of followers. He has over 23 million followers on TikTok. His vlogs are also highly watched.

But what’s more interesting about Bryce is his love life. His previous relationship was actually thought to be with influencer Riley Hubatka. They even kissed each other for thumbnails. They were often seen in videos together.

Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall spark dating rumors

Soon after, Bryce Hall was rumored to be dating a woman again, none other than Lindsay Capuano. Lindsay is a popular social media star. Currently, Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall are said to be dating each other.

Well, rumors only became abuzz after spicy photos of the duo went viral on the internet. Bryce has been posting pictures with Lindsay Capuano for a long time. It hinted at a possible romantic connection between them. Recently, photos of the kissing scene of the two are spreading rapidly through social media.

Fan reaction to Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall dating rumors

Ever since fans got their hands on the spicy photos of Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall. Some of them actually believe something is going on between them. However, many fans are not sure about the dating rumors between the two.

Despite the spicy photos, Lindsay and Bryce have not confirmed their relationship on social media. So, some fans of Bryce Hall assumed that Bryce would never seriously date Lindsay Capuano. So, it will be interesting to see if any of them confirm their relationship anytime soon.

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