Who is Nael Nassar? Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates is pregnant with her first child

Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates and husband Nayel Nassar are looking forward to becoming proud parents.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates is pregnant with her first child.

Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates took to her social media account to announce her pregnancy on Thanksgiving Day.

The 26-year-old also uploaded a few photos to celebrate the news.

In one of the photos, Gates can be seen posing with her husband, Nayel Nassar, in a rural setting.

Also, another image shows Gates holding his stomach and smiling as he gazes at his full belly.

Bill Gates has two children, 23-year-old son Lori and 20-year-old daughter Phoebe, with ex-wife Melinda French Gates.

What’s more, the 67-year-old billionaire shocked the world by announcing his separation from his wife of 27 years.

He said in a statement, “I will never choose to marry anyone else.”

How Family, Friends, and Fans React to Jennifer Gates News

Many of Jennifer Gates’ friends and family took to the comments section of the post to share their feelings.

Afterwards, Gates’ mother, Melinda, expressed her delight at the news through a comment.

‘I couldn’t be more excited to meet this little boy and see them become parents,’ she wrote.

Meanwhile, fashion designer Vera Wang said, ‘Wow. Congratulations to the wonderful couple and their new addition!!!!’

Along with this, an Instagram user said, “I’m so happy. In order for there to be more wonderful people who send this much love, we need great people.”

Someone else said, ‘Congratulations!!!! May God abundantly bless your family.’

Who is Nael Nassar?

Nayel Nassar is an Olympic equestrian. He married Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates in October 2021 after dating for nearly five years.

The two were also married on her horse farm in Westchester County, New York.

Meanwhile, Gates is an accomplished equestrian and owner of Evergate Stables. She revealed that she bonded with Nassar over their shared love of sports.

In an interview with CNN’s EQ equestrian show, Gates said, ‘Horses are only part of our lives, but we love the sport. He is a pro and I do this as an amateur. So it’s wonderful to be able to share our love and passion for horses.’


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