Who is Rossi? Rapper age controversy clarified

Rossi, a popular rapper who made a name for himself with his songs at a young age, is in the spotlight these days befitting his age. Well, the rapper has been considered a teenager. But in a recent interview, he revealed his shocking real age. So, according to him, what is Lawsy’s real age?

Read ahead to learn more about the age of rapper Lawsy. It is becoming a hot topic on the Internet.

A little about rapper Lawsy

Lawsy is a popular rapper who rose to fame on TikTok. He started with TikTok where he would post his videos. Eventually he dropped one of his original songs titled “Please Me”, which recorded his immediate hit. That’s what made him famous as a rapper. He also posts comedy videos on his own TikTok.

But his TikTok trip started in 2021. His song ‘Please Me’ was a hit this year. No one knew his real age. He is considered a teenager. But now on the Internet a debate about his age has begun. Recently, Rossi herself revealed her unbelievable real age.

How old did Lawsy call herself?

In a recent interview, I was asked Hakim Lowe’s real age. He replied that he was 27 years old. It was unbelievable when everyone believed he was a teenager. However, the interviewer asked Lawsy to show her real ID. What he refused to give. But he tried to convince him that he was actually 27.

The interviewer told the rapper that he looked like a 14-year-old. The rapper said, “14 is crazy.” This caused a stir on the internet because no one was ready to believe Lawsy’s age about him. In fact, some of his songs hint at how young he is.

Netizens’ reactions to Rossi’s real age

Netizens reacted to the real age of rapper Rossi as a teenager. Meanwhile, some reported that he went to high school with the rapper.

There are certainly mixed reasons some people believe in rappers on the internet. A lot of people don’t. But no matter his age, he literally has a lot of popularity among his fans. This is because he is a big fan and is active on TikTok.

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Who is Post Rossi? The explanation of the rapper’s age controversy appeared for the first time in the Recent Times.

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