Who is Ryan Fronty? Ryan Prunty spent $40,000 and made a big mistake in getting MrBeast’s attention.

A TikToker named “Ryan Prunty” spent $40,000 to get the attention of popular YouTuber MrBeast, who later realized he had made a really big mistake. Well, such events seldom happen. However, Tic Talker, who was trying to get Mr. Beast’s attention, actually caught his attention. though by mistake. But what mistake did Tiktoker make?

Read ahead to learn more about Tiktoker spending $40,000 to grab Youtuber MrBeast’s attention.

Who is YouTuber MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson, who became famous by the name of MrBeast, is actually a famous YouTuber with a huge fan base. In fact, his YouTube channel has around 100 million subscribers. He is even considered one of YouTube’s best creators.

He also includes fans in YouTube Achievements through an application that gives subscribers a chance to join their challenges on YouTube. However, a TikToker named Ryan Prunty did more to get MrBeast’s attention.

TikToker Ryan Prunty Spends $40,000 To Get MrBeast’s Attention On Billboard

Ryan Prunty, who accidentally became a TikToker, made the big mistake of trying to get MrBeast’s attention and is actually in the limelight these days. Well, it was on April 28th that Ryan revealed he was working on getting the attention of the popular MrBeast.

He constantly tried to get MrBeast to see him. In fact, he even spent at least $40,000 on Billboard to get his attention. In his attempt, he actually spent the money on Three Billboards. Including a park bench commercial he did. But you know what? He eventually made a big mistake.

MrBeast points out the mistake of TikToker Ryan Prunty.

Finally seeing Ryan Prunty’s attempt, MrBeast replied that he stitched his video together, suggesting that TikToker had actually made the big mistake of spending $40,000 on billboards to get his attention. The popular YouTuber went on to explain why Ryan made a mistake.

@mrbeast #sweat w/ @Ryan Fronty ♬ Original sound – MrBeast

MrBeast stitching Ryan’s video said he saw an attempt to get his attention. But when he tries to send him a message. He discovers that Ryan doesn’t follow him. He had no choice but to contact him. Ryan apologized belatedly for this, but even after the apology, there was no response from Mr. Beast.

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