Who is Salvador Ramos? 18-year-old Texas school shooter charged with killing 21 people

18-year-old Salvador Ramos has been identified as the shooter who killed 19 children and two adults at Rob Elementary School in Yuvalde, Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott said Ramos had carried out “horrible and incomprehensible” mass shootings alone before he was shot by police.

According to Abbott, Ramos was a student at Uvalde High School who lived in a small town 80 miles west of San Antonio.

Ramos hinted on social media that an attack could come, Josée Seine Roland Gutierrez, who was briefed by police, told reporters. “I suggested that children be careful,” the lawmaker said.

He shot Grandma before driving to Robb Elementary School just before noon on Tuesday, Abbott said at a news briefing on Tuesday afternoon. Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Erick Estrada told CNN she was in critical condition.

It is believed that Ramos abandoned his car outside the school and entered the school yard with a pistol and rifle. Police said the perpetrator was wearing a body armor.

“The suspect entered the school, and as soon as they entered the school, anyone, children or teachers, started shooting,” Texas Public Security Bureau chief Christopher Olivarez told local media.

Police officers who arrived at the scene were said to have killed Ramos.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez, briefed by the Texas Rangers, said Ramos bought the gun on his 18th birthday.

“That was the first thing I did on my 18th birthday.” He said.

(Texas Department of Public Security)

Ramos’ Instagram friend said the teenager sent a photo showing receipts for the gun he bought from gun maker Daniel Defense. daily dot.

Investigators are also trying to track down Ramos’ relatives.

An Instagram account identified by media outlets as belonging to Ramos showed him posing with what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon. A former classmate said that Ramos texted him a photo of a bag full of guns and ammunition a few days before the attack.

“He sent me messages here and there, 4 days ago he had an AR picture he was using and a backpack full of 5.56 rounds, maybe 7 rounds,” said a former classmate.

“I thought, ‘Brother, why do you have this?’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry,’” said the student. “I texted him, ‘It’s a lot different now.’ You won’t recognize me.”

Senator Chris Murphy Calls On Senate Action On Gun Control After Texas Massacre

A manager at local Wendy’s said Ramos had a day shift at the restaurant. “He seemed like a reticent person who didn’t talk much,” he said. He didn’t hang out with other employees.” Adrian Mendes, Wendy’s Evening Manager, said.

In a statement, Abbott said the people of Texas are mourning for the victims of this “meaningless crime” and for the Uvalde community.

The fatality of 19 students and two adults is the deadliest attack on an elementary school since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which killed 20 students and 6 teachers.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said it was time to “turn this pain into action” and change gun laws after the massacre. “Why do we want to live with this carnage?” He said at the White House. “Where there is our backbone in the name of God, having the courage to deal with this problem and face the crisis [gun] lobby?”

Police confirmed Ramos was a U.S. citizen, but Border Patrol agents were involved in the shooting.

The Bexa County Sheriff’s Office and the San Antonio Police Department said they are sending resources to help the police respond.

Like the state Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers, the Houston Office of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Department is supporting the investigation.

The South Texas Blood Tissue Center asked local residents to donate blood before the shooting, as hospitals in the area were already facing a blood shortage.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital said 13 students and adults were initially transported from the school by bus and ambulance. The two students were said to have died upon arrival. However, the death toll has risen steadily, and officials have revised the number from 14 to 19 students by Tuesday evening and to two adult victims.

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