Who is Sandra Kai? Age, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Movies, Series, Biography, Wiki, Husband, Boyfriend

Sandra Kai is a famous American actress, Tiktoker, model, fashion influencer and TV celebrity. She gained fame as an actress due to her wonderful work in several movies and TV series. I want to love you ( Quiero amarte ) 2014, Shadows of the Past 2014-2015, the Rose of Guadeloupe (La rosa de Guadalupe) 2013-2015 and Dressed For Mourning 2016 and more.

In addition to these mentioned professions, she has gained worldwide recognition as an astonishing model and fashion influencer.

Her incredible modeling and fashion influence talent has earned her worldwide fame by millions through various social media platforms.

Sandra Kai Biography/Wiki

Information about Sandra Kai is not available as of 2022 and on this topic. Sandra, who justifies this statement, has not yet shared any notable information regarding her birthday.

She was born and raised in the United States, where she lived with her parents and relatives.

real name Sandra Kai
nickname Sandra
place of birth United States of America
birthday not found
zodiac sign not found
Nationality American
job Actress and social media influencer

Sandra Kai Nai / Birthday

Information regarding her age and birthday has not yet been shared with her at this time.

Sandra Kai’s travel pictorial

Sandra Kai Height, Weight, Dimensions

Talking about Sandra Kai’s looks, she 5 feet 7 inches tall And weight 52 kg. her hair color is Gold and the color of her eyes dark brown. She has gained a stunning and seductive body.

Sandra Kai Height, Weight, Dimensions
Sandra Kai

Sandra Kai early fame and acting

Sandra Kai, who has loved acting and dancing since childhood, entered acting school for early acting and dance training while in high school.

At school, she excelled in several drama competitions, earning her early acclaim as an actress. Since then, Sandra has performed dazzlingly in her dramas as well as several theatrical stages, earning her fame as a theater actress.

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In 2012, she made her Hollywood debut in the movie Valiant Love. where she played her prominent role Teresa Medrano.

The story of the series is based on the story of Camila Monterde, who moves to her uncle’s ranch after her fiancé’s death. There, she meets Daniel, a man who lives under a pseudonym to avenge Camilla’s family. Falling in love changes their lives forever.

Sandra Kai early fame and acting
Sandra Kai

Sandra Kai Movies and TV Series

To become an amazing actress, Sandra has worked and collaborated on several films and TV series, including: Noches with Platanito 2017, Shadows of the Past 2014, La rosa de Guadalupe 2013, Dressed for Mourning 2016, El Chema 2016, Kaela’s Dream 2018, Tres Milagros with9 Platanito, Noches 2018, Account 2019 , and many others.

Sandra Kai Movies and TV Series
Sandra Kai model photo shoot

Sandra Kai Burning fire (Fuego ardiente) 2021 Tv Series

Burning Fire (Fuego ardiente) 2021 is a movie important The actress has performed roles with miltiple actors and actresses, including: Mariana Torres, Carlos Ferro, José Maria de Tavira, Jaume Mateu, Luz Edith Rojas, Christian Ramos, Carmen Muga, Arthur Peniche, Yolanda Ventura, and many others.

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The series storyline is based on the story of two couples, Dante and Irene Ferrer, their important owners. Mexican olive oil producer. As they attempt to reunite their extended family, forbidden love blooms between them. Gabriel and Alexa – Both are unhappily married to the other.

Sandra Kai Burning fire (Fuego ardiente) 2021 Tv Series
Sandra Kai with her family

Sandra Kai in mourning clothes 2016, TV series

In 2016, Sandra worked as a replay artist where she played Jimena in a reality t,v series called Dressed for Mourning.

In the series, she has collaborated and collaborated with several stars, including: Mairin Villanueva, Alejandra Barros, Arturo Fenice, Jimena Herrera, Diego Olivera, Ricardo Franco, Diego Escalona Zaragoza, Giulieta Egurola, Isabella Camille, Pedro Cicard, Marcelo Cordoba, Lourde Reyes Others.

The series is mostly crime and drama based, and the character tries to kill her abusive husband.

Sandra Kai in mourning clothes 2016, TV series
Sandra Kai model photo shoot

sandra kai instagram

Beyond this, Sandra Kai is an up-and-coming fashion model and social media influencer. She has accumulated millions of followers on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Joined the Instagram forum in 2012 and shared their first debut photo on March 9, 2012.

She is hugely popular on Instagram and often shares photos and videos of her fashion, travel and adventures. As her social media celebrity, her various fashion, sports and skincare brands have chosen her as the digital promoter of her products.

Sandra Kai’s net worth and earnings

The current net worth of a talented actress can be roughly calculated as follows: 4 million dollars. Her main sources of income are product advertising, acting and prominent models.

Sandra Kai Family / Siblings and Relatives

Sandra Kai has not disclosed the identities of her family, relatives and siblings publicly at this time. We will update when she shares reliable information about her family members.

Sandra Kai Relationship / Boyfriend and Husband

The current relationship between the glamorous actress and the eminent model is that they are married as of 2022. The popular actress is married to a well-known entrepreneur named Gerardo Álvarez del Castillo.

In February 2022, the two birds of love lead to a bond that cannot be repeated. The two enjoy each other’s company and live happily ever after.


  • Sandra Kai is from the United States.
  • She is a prominent actress, social media influencer and model.
  • Sandra Kai came to fame.
  • She has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.
  • She loves to travel and has traveled to many beautiful places such as Russia, Italy, London and Paris.
  • She is an animal lover, especially dogs and cats.
  • He debuted as an actor in 2012.
  • She is one of the most attractive and beautiful actresses.

social media

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favorite things

favorite color saffron
favorite destination Mysore (Karnataka), India
favorite actor Diren Gangulli
favorite actress Durga Cote
favorite sport marathon
favorite athlete Eliud Kipchoge


Sandra Kai, do you drink alcohol? Yes
does she smoke? no
does she drive Yes
Sandra Kai, do you swim? Yes
Does she know how to cook? Yes
Is she a yoga practitioner? Yes
Do you have a gym? Yes
Is it Sandra Kai? Jogger? Yes
eating habits? no

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sandra Kai?

Sandra Kai gained worldwide popularity as an actress by playing the role of Raphaela brilliantly in the drama-romance TV series called “Fuego ardiente”, a drama about adventure and love. Her work as a reproduction artist in the series was commendable. Apart from this, the series has been very successful and has won various awards.

Is Sandra Kai Married?

Yes, after all, information related to her relationship at this point is married.

How old is Sandra Kai?

Unfortunately, no information regarding Sandra’s age is known at this time.

When is Sandra Kai’s birthday?

Sorry. Current information is not available.

What is Sandra Kai’s horoscope?

Data cannot be connected at this point.

How tall is Sandra Kai?

What is the average height of Sandra Kai? 5′ 7” tall.

Where did Sandra Kai come from?

Sandra Kai is from the United States.

What is Sandra Kai’s Net Worth?

Statements relating to her current net worth and earnings can be calculated as follows: 4 million dollars. Her main source of income is acting.

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