Who is Sarah Rachel? Adult Disney fans were instructed to ‘grow up’ about hugging and crying a goofy.

Disney stuff is a big deal for a lot of people, but some think it’s not as exciting as it was in the case of the TikToker “Disney Adult”, who started crying after meeting the Disney character Goofy. Well, TikToker’s reaction to his emotional meeting with Goofy ridiculed social media users. But why is social media so buzzing with TikToker’s reaction?

Read ahead to learn more about what the Disney adult TikToker is buzzing about in response to her meeting with Goofy.

Disney Adult TikToker Meet the Disney Character Goofy

Disney and its characters have their own craze. Disney fans are countless. Fans are not only children, but also adults. Perhaps that’s why we use the term adult fan like “Disney adult”. Well, that’s why Disney adults are word of mouth everywhere.

The popular Disney adult is also a tic-talker. Her name is Sarah Rachul, her 27-year-old Disney fan. She recently met a popular Disney character as Goofy. While she posted her video with Goofy. Her reaction to meeting Goofy is a hot topic.

@everydayisdisney I can’t remember the last time I cried so hard. It may sound silly, but my dad’s favorite character was Goofy, and when I hug Goofy, it’s like hugging Daddy again. Thank you so much @disneyparks for making real magic today❤️ #disneyadult #disney creator #disney influencer #disney trip #disney character #DisneyMeeting and Greetings ♬ Original Sound – Disney Park

TikToker Sarah Rachul met Goofy and cried.

A 27-year-old Tic Talker has released a video of her meeting the Disney character Goofy. She met Goofy at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Disney World previously banned cuddling Disney characters. However, the ban was caused by an epidemic.

But Sarah met Goofy after three years of waiting. Meet and hug Goofy at Disney World. She even captioned her own TikTok video as she burst into tears that she doesn’t remember the last time she cried so hard. Goofy is later said to be her father’s favorite character. Hugging her goofy like that touched her as she felt as if she was hugging her father.

Netizens react to the touching meeting between Goofy and Disney adults

Since Sarah’s video went viral on TikTok, it has received multiple views and likes. Netizens have mixed reactions to this. Although many of them are not Disney fans.

So they called the Disney adult TikToker. Many of them said all of this made Disney intolerable after seeing the viral footage. However, some users supported Sarah. One person who happened to work for Disney World said that the reaction makes their work worthwhile.

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