Who is Shelley Thompson Lemoine: Arrested in Cold Case in 2005

Shelley Susan Thompson-Lemoine was arrested outside the Texas parole office for the murder of Antonio Rodriguez and his wife Luz Rodriguez. The couple’s youngest daughter, Carolina Tejeda, went to her parents’ home in Houston, about 45 miles northwest of there, to prepare dinner for dinner on April 14, 2005 and then uncovered the gruesome crime scene from their home in Cleveland. Found it.

She thought they might be sleeping when they didn’t answer the door. She entered the house and found her father dead in bed with her mother on the floor. Reportedly, they were beaten and chained to death. On July 8, 2022, a 41-year-old woman was detained outside the parole department in Angleton, Texas. Shelley Susan Thompson-Lemoine is a resident of Freeport, Brajoria County, Texas. She was charged with the murder of an elderly couple in Cleveland in 2005. Who is Shelley Thompson Lemoine: Arrested in a Cold Case in 2005.

Who is Shelley Thompson Lemoine?

In 2021 Shelley Thompson Lemoine was arrested on drug charges after the cold case was reopened. Unknown DNA found at the Cleveland murder scene was submitted to CODIS and matched Lemoine, who was imprisoned in the Gatesville prison.

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Shelley Thompson Lemoyne Arrested

At Rodriguez’s home, investigators found DNA on carpets and blood prints on denture containers. Police were sure it would lead to a suspect. However, as a result of this evidence, no further development has occurred for several years.

World War II veteran Antonio Rodriguez and his wife Luz Rodriguez led a peaceful life in their Cleveland home. They were highly respected in rural areas. Their gruesome murder shocked the community in 2005. The elderly couple’s daughter, Carolina Tejeda, is unaware of any connection between Shelley Thompson Lemoine and her family.

The couple’s other daughter, Juanita Espinosa, believes someone else is responsible for their parents’ deaths. Police have yet to find a motive for the murder of the Rodriguez family. One of the couple’s other children, Juanita Espinosa, thanked law enforcement officers for not abandoning her parents’ case. An arrest warrant for Lemoine was issued on July 5, 2022.

  • She was charged with a felony and was granted a $1 million bond by a court judge.
  • She is currently incarcerated at the Texas Liberty County Jail.

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