Who is Sia’s famous boyfriend? Singer Instagram Post With Mysterious Man

Australian singer Sia recently took a picture with the mysterious man who was rumored to have been with her boyfriend at a LA football club event. Sia, who has long liked to cover her face, has been caught up in dating rumors with a mysterious man. She recently posted a picture with him. But who is that mysterious person?

They both attend LA football club events together, so read ahead to learn more about Sia’s rumored boyfriend.

Sia released a picture taken with Mystery Man.

Recently, Sia and her enigmatic man were together at an LA Football Club event. A photo posted on Instagram by the Australian singer. In the published photo, Sia and her mysterious man are standing side by side.

In the published photo, Sia wore a black maxi dress and threw her side off her shoulder. She was also wearing a mask, heart-shaped sunglasses, a headband and a crossbody bag. Meanwhile, a mysterious man with her stood next to her in a black hoodie and navy track pants. Don’t miss it. Rumors are circulating that the mysterious man with Sia is her boyfriend.

Sia was previously found with a mystery man.

It was because the mysterious man and Sia attended the LA Football Club event together. On her Instagram was another picture of her standing behind a piano with both her hands raised. In her photo, she is also wearing black and white gloves.

The caption reads, “Ride forever! #lgbtqia+ #LAFC #22 also just finished their next album! Good day all day”. Moreover, this isn’t the first time Sia and her boyfriend have been rumored to live together. Just like last June, Sia and Her male companion attended the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s second annual ApeFest in New York City.

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Who is Sia’s famous boyfriend?

Although Mystery Man and Sia have been together many times. On one occasion, we even wore the same color outfit to an event. Their photos became a hot topic. However, the relationship between the two is not much revealed as nothing is known about the enigmatic man so far.

Moreover, it is also a secret when the two started dating. But we do know that Sia was previously married to Erik Anders and she was married to him too. However, the relationship did not last long and ended in divorce.

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