Who is Sookie Baby? Fans are curious about Drake’s female, 21 Savage’s ‘Her Loss’ cover.

Drake and 21 Savage are gearing up for the release of the highly anticipated album ‘Her Loss’ tonight. However, fans couldn’t help but wonder about the girl on the album cover.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Suki Baby adorns Drake and 21 Savage’s ‘Her Loss’ album cover

Drake and 21 Savage revealed the cover of their new album ‘Her Loss’ earlier this week via their respective social media accounts.

What’s more, the art cover is a close-up shot of model Yaska Kwi, popularly known as the Sookie Baby.

According to reports, the photo was taken by photographer Paris Aden about three years ago.

Aden talked to Complex Magazine during a phone call with Drake and 21 Savage about how they decided to use Suki Baby’s photo for their upcoming album cover art.

‘Drake just saw the picture and asked if he could use it for an album,’ he said.

Arden goes further, ‘It was filmed a long time ago. It was her profile picture and he probably fell in love with what he saw.’

Nevertheless, it is currently unknown why and how Drake chose this particular Suki Baby image.

Meanwhile, Lil Yachty recently shared a post on her Instagram claiming that she found a picture of Suki Baby and chose to use it for her ‘Her Loss’ album cover.

He remarked, ‘I chose this cover because this photo is so vivid… too authentic…not rigged… Sookie could be Souki, and Sookie will be’.

The 25-year-old rapper went on to say ‘MY BROTHRRR @aristatalovich BROUGHT IT TO LIFE… her loss. F*CK WHO AINT US.’

Who is Yaska Kwai (Ski Baby)?

Sookie Baby aka key yaska Born in North Carolina, she is a black woman of Japanese descent. She spent most of her childhood in Japan before eventually moving to Houston, Texas.

She currently works as an adult dancer, but recently revealed that she is also a 3D design artist.

Suki Baby tweeted, “I started sketching in 3D design in high school and came back from school. [Japan] Years ago I dropped out of college, dropped out of school, and kept dancing to pay my tuition, but now I can go back to school and finish what I started!’


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