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Stavros Halkias is an American stand-up comedian, actor and podcaster. He is best known for hosting his popular podcasts, Cumtown and Pod Don’t Lie. In addition to this, Stavros has appeared on Comedy Central, IFC and MSG Network. Besides, he was named. Rookie Comedian of the Year In 2012.

At the same time, Starbros has secured a huge number of subscribers by uploading comedy stand-up videos and Amazon content videos on his YouTube channel. It also has a strong fan base on social platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and other social apps.

Stavros Halkias Wiki/Biography

Stavros Halkias was born on February 11, 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA to a Greek family and grew up with family, friends and other members of the family. his nickname is Stavros. I am currently 34 years old. Since Stavros is the son of a Macedonian mother and his father is Athenian, it can be said that Stavros’ parents are Greek immigrants. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Professionally, Stavros was interested in acting and comedy from an early age, although his father did not recognize his comedy career, but he worked hard and decided to build a career against his father and did it at the end. Currently, Starbros is a famous American comedian and social influencer, and he has a strong fan base in stardom.

name Stavros Halkias
place of birth Baltimore, Maryland, USA
nationality American
birthday February 11, 1989
job comedian

Stavros Halkias era

According to Stavros Halkias’ date of birth, he is now 34 years old. He was born on February 11, 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. So Stavros celebrates his birthday on February 11th every year with his family, friends and other members. his constellation is Aquarius.

Stavros Halkias height and weight

Talking about his looks, how tall is Stavros Halkias? about 5 feet 8 inches and his weight About 80 kg. He is handsome with brown eyes and Stavros has short brown hair.

Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias Education and Degree

Talking about his educational qualifications, Stavros was admitted at an early age. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute And I got a higher degree in school. Also, he was interested in and played football while he was in high school. After completing his schooling, Stavros Maryland, Baltimore Country University, And I got my bachelor’s degree in the US.

Stavros Halkias Career and Rise to Stardom

From an early age, he was interested in acting and comedy, starting his first trip at an early age, and enrolled in a local acting school for training. After his initial training, he moved to a reputable theater for advanced theater training. Gradually, Stavros achieved primary fame as a theatrical comedian, performing impressively in numerous plays and dramas.

Stavros Halkias era
Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias Acting, Comedy, Podcast, Netflix

Stavros started comedy after graduation and has worked in Greater Maryland, Washington, and Virginia. He was named Baltimore’s Rookie of the Year in 2012 for his work. After moving from Baltimore, Maryland to New York, he has made numerous radio and podcast guest appearances.

he also hosts Stavvy solves the problem., it was a Twitch series. with the collaboration of Friedland, He co-hosted the White Chocolate NBA Pipecast. Stavros has actor-casting roles in Cthulhu’s Call Girl in 2014, Inspector Ike in 2020, and Salesmen in 2022.

He has written and performed for Adult Swim, IFC, People Talking Sports on MSG Network, and others. He has also appeared in Internet shorts and has appeared in the Comedy Central series Comedy Central Stand Up Features, Life Fails and Sex Fails. Stavros has also co-hosted the basketball podcast Pod Don’t Lie in collaboration with Sam Morril since 2019.
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In 2016, he co-hosted the comedy podcast Cum Town. Stavros is Nick Mullen And stand-up comedians, sketch comedians, and podcasters. Adam Friedland And the podcast airs on Patreon. with the cooperation of halkias, He co-hosts Cum Town and is a regular at the Chapo Trap House.

Stavros Halkias weight
Stavros Halkias

The podcast also featured guests including Bam Margera, Dan Soder, Bonnie McFarlane, Jim Norton and Kurt Metzger. Also, the podcast has 300 episodes as of March 30, 2022.

In addition to these, Stavros has featured in People Talking Sports: And Other Stuff (2017-2018), Shane Torres Conquers Your Fears (2018), Sex Fails (2019), Life Fails (2020), Sam Morril: Pool Capacity (2021), Bear’s Radish Correction Video (2014), Cum Town (2016), Everything Boys Can Do (2018), Dollar Store Therapist (2019), Peach Please (2019), Comedy Central Original ‘Healthbit’ (2019) ), Monster Lab (2021) et al.

Stavros Halkias height
Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias YouTube

to December 24, 2006, Stavros started his YouTube journey by creating a channel and started posting videos on his own channel. His first video was uploaded with the title. “Stavros Halkias Acting Reel”, The video has helped us achieve peak views and rise.

Later he started posting a lot of videos. Stavros mainly posts videos of Appearances, Stand Up, Comedy Central, Stavvy Shorts, Clips, Streams, Solves Your Problems and other amazing content on his YouTube channel.

Stavros Halkias family
Stavros Halkias

His most viewed videos are “Immigration Daughter Bad Dad”, “The Snitch in the crowd #Comedy #Snitch”“Military Confession #Shorts #Comedy”, And many more. Stavros’ own title channel has accumulated over 310k subscribers.

Stavros Halkias Family / Parents / Siblings

Stavros Halkias was born on February 11, 1989 into a Greek family. Since he is the son of a Macedonian mother and his father belongs to Athens, it can be said that Stavros’ parents are Greek immigrant parents. his father’s name is Emmanuel Halkias And there is no information about his mother’s name.

Moreover, although Stavros’ father did not approve of his comedy career, he worked hard and decided to make a career against his father and did it in the end. Also as a child, Stavros grew up with two brothers whose current names are not valid.

We are also looking into the names of his mother and brother, and are trying to research his family background and childhood, but we will update if we have information regarding this.

Stavros Halkias and his brothers
Stavros Halkias and his brothers

Stavros Halkias Relationship / Girlfriend / Wife

Stavros is a handsome boy and his fans want to know about his relationship. Unfortunately, however, the charming boy Stavros is single or has never publicly revealed anything related to his past and present relationships or girlfriends. However, although thousands of people like him, he has never dated anyone. However, on April 19, 2019, there were rumors that Stavros was having an affair and dating someone, but we don’t have any valid information about it. However, we are looking for information about the person he is dating now or his relationship with someone Stavros has dated in the past. However, we will get information about his dating history and will update it as a result.

net worth

Stavros Halkias net worth is approx. $1.75 million USD. He did not disclose information about his net worth, but did disclose information that he sees on social media. Stavros’ net worth is calculated to be greater than or equal to: $175 million. His sources of income are comedy, acting, TV shows, brand endorsements and social platforms. However, his career is brisk and his income may increase in the future.

net worth $1.75 million USD
Stavros Halkias YouTube
Stavros Halkias

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  • Stavros Halkias is a prominent comedian star.
  • He looks so handsome and attractive.
  • He enjoys traveling.
  • Halkias is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host including Pod and Don’t Lie.
  • He is known for missing front teeth and a positive body, which Stavros posted on his stavvybaby2 Instagram account and has over 170,000 followers.
  • In 2016, he and fellow comedians Nick Mullen and Adam Friedland started a podcast.
  • Stavros has appeared on Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and MSG Network, and has written and performed for Emmy-nominated People Talking Sports and Other Stuff.
  • He grew up in a Greek family in Baltimore.

Stavros Halkias Instagram

In addition to his comedy career, Stavros has earned numerous fame as a social media personality and fashion influencer. He joined the Instagram forum and started posting to his Instagram account about his lifestyle, comedy, Stand Ups and other amazing content. Through the forum, Stavros mainly shares glamorous and glamorous fashion that influences everyday life photos and videos. To date, he has gathered hundreds of thousands of followers.

Stavros Halkias TikTok

Having achieved great fame as a comedian, Stavros initially started his Tiktok career with his own account. Since TikTok is a well-known platform for creating and sharing short video clips, it wasn’t difficult for a famous Instagram celebrity to get in the spotlight on the Tiktok platform. He opened a TikTok account and started uploading videos with amazing content. One of his most viewed TikTok videos, featuring lip sync, went viral, reaching 1 million views.

stavros halkias twitter

Stavros is a very popular social media star who has been active on Twitter for several years. He has millions of followers on his Twitter account, with whom he shares snippets of his own life. As with Twitter and various social media handles, the notoriety of his career at Stavros has expanded his followers on Twitter in modern months.

social media

Stavros Halkias Instagram
Stavros Halkias

favorite things

favorite color yellow and orange
favorite destination Greek
favorite actor Robert Downey Jr.
favorite actress Kristen Stewart
favorite sport soccer
favorite athlete Peyton Manning


  • Does Stavros Halkias drink alcohol?
  • no.
  • does she know how to cook?
  • Yes.
  • Does Stavros Halkias go to the gym?
  • Yes.
  • does she smoke?
  • no.
  • Does she know how to drive?
  • Yes
  • Does Stavros Halkias swim?
  • Yes
  • Is he a yoga practitioner?
  • Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Stavros Halkias?

Stavros Halkias is 34 years old (as of 2022).

When is Stavros Halkias’ birthday?

Stavros Halkias is born on February 11, 1989.

How tall is Stavros Halkias?

Stavros Halkias is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Where did Stavros Halkias come from?

Stavros Halkias is from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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