Who is Tabatha Coffee Partner Heather Schuster?

Australian-American hairstylist Tabasa Coffee, who has been dating partner Heather Schuster for 27 years, passed away this week. Coffey was born and raised in New Jersey and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in hair styling. She became famous after appearing as a stylist on the reality TV show “Shear Genius” in 2007. Coffey was known for her passionate personality and nonsense attitude. She was also an advocate for LGBTQ rights and often opposed discrimination. Who is Tabatha Coffee Partner Heather Schuster?

Tabatha Coffee Partner Heather Schuster

Tabatha Coffey is a famous Australian hairstylist, salon owner and TV host who rose to fame on the Internet after participating in the 2007 TV show Shear Genius. She is currently working in the USA. In 2008, Coffey stood out more in the media after being asked by Bravo to appear on the hit reality show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

Coffey has also appeared on Make Me a Supermodel Season 2, The Tyra Banks Show, and a few other shows. Coffey is known for her professional career and long-term relationship with her partner Heather Schuster.

What happened to Heather Schuster?

Tabatha Coffey recently revealed that her partner Heather Schuster is no longer with us and has left everyone devastated. Coffey revealed in her Instagram post that her 27-year marriage was over. However, Coffey provided little information about Schuster’s death. Her fans and followers are devastated, wishing the deceased in the best of health. Beyond that, condolences to Coffey flooded social media.

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Heather Schuster Disease and Health Updates

If you’re familiar with her personal life and her relationship with Heather Schuster, you’ve probably heard of Tabatha Coffey. Coffey’s partner, Schuster, is alleged to be suffering from something she hasn’t revealed yet.

Everyone was shocked when Coffey recently provided an update on Schuster’s health. As mentioned earlier, Schuster has died, but he has not yet provided any information, so the cause of death is unknown. She simply said that her partner lost the fight and was given his wings.

Heather Schuster passed away.

Tabatha Coffey’s spouse Heather Schuster has died and people are worried about the cause of her death. As we all know, Tabasa’s mother also died of cancer. Now fans are concerned that the same may have happened to Heather. However, we cannot give a definitive answer as an official position has not been released yet. All we know is that Tabatha is utterly devastated by the loss of her partner.

Many publications, including The Sun and TMZ, have covered this story. Many netizens speculate that Schuster must have contracted the same disease that took her life from us. Until the police investigation is over, Coffey is keeping her distance from the press, mourning the death of a partner she’s known since 1997.

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