Who is the Cam Girl, Destiny Benedict: Now

Destiny Benedict is a cam model and adult entertainer featured in Netflix’s new documentary series “The Most Hated Man on the Internet.” Hunter Moore created a “revenge porn” website called “Is someone Up”, the subject of the show. Anti-bullying advocates bought the domain in late 2014 and redirected them to a website dedicated to combating bullying. Moore was charged with hacking and sentenced to prison. He currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Today, Benedict creates adult material to share on the Internet. She is also on Twitter. She is now renamed “Destiny Brat”. She has a blog about a Netflix series where she has published her articles. “To address a lot of questions about what kind of phone ‘asshole girl’ uses. It was an OG Galaxy S. ❤️.” she tweeted. Who is the Cam Girl, Destiny Benedict: Now.

Camgirl, who is Destiny Benedict?

In The Most Hated Man on the Internet, Destiny Benedict explains how she got connected with Hunter Moore and IsAnyoneUp in an interview. She met Moore when she was 19 and his popularity and presence inspired her and many others to seek his approval. After her friend suggested that she pursue a career in the field of webcams, she decided to try this because she wanted to be more independent and move away from her mother’s house.

She started making money for herself and her children, but things got complicated when she sent nudes to IsAnyoneUp to boost her profile and attract visitors. She asked him to take down pictures of her children, but he refused, so she thought adding more pictures would be a good way to push them out.

In a documentary interview, she said, “The children’s fathers knew of my photos on the site and they fought that my presence in their lives would harm the children. As a result, this created a vortex of recession.”

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Destiny Benedict Children

Benedict said in a further message that when she was young, she was “exposed to men and others who manipulated many people.” “Her father’s family have distanced themselves from me because of the naughty girl problem,” she said.

According to the woman, she started drinking after meeting a man on Moore’s revenge porn website “IAU”. She calls it that in plain English. On Twitter, McKinnon wrote a long essay about her life. “She fell in love with him and her and she traveled to other states to be with him,” she said. It turned out he lived with his mother and he wasn’t allowed to go there until she went first,” she said of Moore. She eventually returned home with him and continued to webcam.

After she and her husband “publicly praised others for their looks,” she claimed, “it was really poisonous.” She decided to leave her and called her friend to find out that she was pregnant while living in Las Vegas.

She says she has six children and has been marginalized from the lives of her first three children related to IAU issues. She has not been able to reconnect with her children for 9-12 years. She provided additional information available with description. Some news articles don’t seem to fit me.”

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