Who is Zurich Hall? Is she dating Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce is sparking dating rumors after Zuri Hall was spotted hanging out with friends.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Travis Kelce dating Zuri Hall?

Kansas City Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce was recently reported to be dating Access Hollywood correspondent Zuri Hall.

According to reports, the two are still in their early stages as they get to know each other first.

Also, Kelce and Hall did not post anything on their social media accounts to officially announce their relationship.

Nevertheless, a video of a 34-year-old reporter talking with Kelce’s friend is circulating on social media.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old professional player’s recent breakup came after breaking up with his girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, of five years.

Reportedly, Kelce divorced after giving Nicole a marriage ultimatum.

Who is Zurich Hall?

Zuri Hall is from Toledo, Ohio. She became interested in her acting from her childhood. Therefore, she graduated from Ohio State University with a minor in theater.

She also began working for a local television station, often acting as a host for several sports games.

Also, she later moved to New York, where she first worked for FUSE TV, but eventually ended up with VH1, E! and appeared on major networks such as MTV.

In addition to anchoring, Hall got his hands on acting. She has appeared in several television commercials. But later she made a cameo on Apple TV’s Morning Show, which included Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrell.

Kayla Nicole is rumored to be dating the Dallas Cowboys.

Kayla Nicole frowned upon when she was spotted at a Jets game early in the season after breaking up with Travis Kelce.

She also attended the Dallas Cowboys game last weekend. In response, an official recently went out to reveal the reason for her attendance.

Sources say Nicole is in a romantic relationship with Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons.

They say, ‘Kayla is currently spending time with Micah Parsons. She met Micah through Joie Chavis with Trevon Diggs, another star cowboy defender.’

‘Kyla attended last week’s game, and Kayla attended this week’s game as well. This is still very low level, but there is definitely something being cooked between Kayla and Micah.’


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