Who Killed John Garner Wiki: ABC Series Who Do You Believe

Jon Garner told Sandra Garner and Wesley Miller, who were the suspects in the upcoming ABC series Who Do You Believe, detailing Jon Garner’s tragic death, in January 2018 when investigators discovered Sandra’s iPad with search records indicating a murder plot. was killed by Sandra was detained after putting gunpowder on her hands. Nevertheless, she was acquitted after a four-week trial when it became clear that someone else had framed her for her crimes.

Sandra and Her Son Wesley Misunderstanding focuses on situations where two different stories are told from two different perspectives. Sandra and her son Wesley would, in this case, point fingers at each other as things get more and more weird as new situations unfold. The entire investigation was recorded on police body cameras and later submitted to court. Who Killed John Garner Wiki: ABC Series Who Do You Believe.

Sandra Garner: What did she do?

  • A native of Maypearl, Ellis County, Sandra Louise Garner was married while working for a shipping company in Paris, Texas.
  • Although he was 13 years younger, she fell in love with him while working together in Paris. Sandra Louise and Jon were married two years later.
  • It was their third marriage after two divorces.

sandra garner children

Sandra’s two children, Andrea and Wesley, took over Sandra’s primary parenting roles after her husband’s death. When Sandra was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he became the sole earner of her family. The two had been married for 18 years before the tragedy.

On January 2, 2022, on Sandra and John’s wedding anniversary, Garner was shot three times while sleeping. Reportedly, Sandra woke up to the sound of her gunfire and started screaming at her, she reported to the police. Her masked assailant had ordered her to keep quiet while pointing her gun at her before taking $18,000 from her couple’s bedroom locker.

Sandra called the police when he left. She reported the incident to the authorities several times after her arrival in Sandra. But she had a few things that investigators were suspicious of. Her composure was her most distinguishing characteristic. She is said to have told her story several times with little or no emotion displayed on her face. This caused law enforcement officers to question her intentions.

According to court documents, police found Sandra Garner’s iPad after the investigation was completed, and recent searches list “how to kill a sleeping person” and “16 ways to kill a person without getting caught”. Police also found gunpowder left on her hand, pointing her to her prime suspect. Sandra was also charged with the crime by Wesley Miller.

Police found a gun under Sandra’s car the next day, according to authorities. Police later confirmed that this particular weapon was a murder weapon. Sandra Garner was subsequently arrested and charged with first degree murder. Her bail was set at $2 million. She told Sandra she was in jail until she started hearings in September 2019 because she couldn’t pay bail.

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Sandra Garner’s Trial

In the case of Sandra Garner, during the investigation, the court and jury watched hours of body-camera footage. Prosecutors claimed that her body language was that of the perpetrator. The lawsuit lasted four weeks and was settled through numerous pieces of evidence and testimony.

Defenders responded that a third party may have placed a gun inside Sandra’s vehicle and that Wesley could be the main attacker. This part will be central to ABC’s Who Do You Believe, as shown in the teaser.

  • Sandra was acquitted after three hours of deliberation by a jury.
  • Sandra’s charges were dismissed and she was set free in court.
  • She currently resides at her family home in Maple, Ellis County, Texas, and believes her deceased husband would have wanted this for her.
  • Sandra Garner was sentenced to 21 months in prison before a jury found her not guilty.

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