Who Killed PnB Rock? Rapper shot dead at age 30

Rapper PnB Rock has died at the age of 30 after being shot in a restaurant. It seems that the lives of rappers are at stake. As in the past, we’ve heard stories of too many rappers being attacked and killed. Unfortunately, this time popular rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed. He was only 30 when he died.

Read ahead to learn more about PnB Rock being shot and killed at the age of 30 in a restaurant.

Killed by gunshot at PnB Rock restaurant

The Los Angeles Times reported that rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed in a restaurant this week. At the time of the incident, the rapper was with his girlfriend at Rothko’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant.

The rapper was shot in a restaurant and was immediately taken to a Los Angeles hospital, where the rapper died. Moreover, the incident happened this Monday afternoon. Where the rapper’s girlfriend, Steph Sibounheuang, dine with him. Steph is an IG model active on social media.

What happened to the rapper at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant?

As reported by TMZ, the rapper was shot by a sniper who had targeted the rapper for robbery. The rapper was also wearing the expensive jewelry he had put on that day. But the rapper is dead. The suspect has not yet been caught by the police.

However, reports indicate that CCTV footage from the restaurant could help police identify the culprit. Meanwhile, the sudden death of PnB Rock shocked all his fans. Social media is full of tributes to the rapper. Not to be missed, the rapper has two daughters, Milan and Shiri.

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More About Rapper PnB Rock

PnB Rock is a popular rapper from Philadelphia to settle in LA. Posts he signed with Atlantic Records. In his successful career, he has performed numerous collaborations including Ed Sheeran, Chance Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz and many others.

PnB Rock also had a lot of his mixtape. In addition to this, he also had a studio album. Coming out in 2017 was Catch This Vibes. The other was released in 2019 as TrapStar Turnt PopStar.

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