Who Killed Takeoff? Migos rapper shot dead at 28

The bad news about rapper Takeoff came when the rapper died at the age of 28. Rapper Migos was in Houston, and rapper Quavo was there when the incident happened. This has brought news to all Takeoff fans and loved ones. But how did the rapper die?

Read ahead to learn more about rapper Takeoff being shot and killed at the age of 28.

Rapper Takeoff shot dead at 28

Takeoff was a member of the Migos group who recently went to a bowling alley. The only news of the rapper’s death was this Tuesday. According to TMZ’s report, the shooting killed rapper Takeoff after an argument.

The rapper died around 2:30 am. A shooting took place at the end of a dice game in Houston, Texas, killing Takeoff on the spot. One of the witnesses said the rapper was shot somewhere in the head or neck.

Quavo and Takeoff went to the bowling alley together

Both Takeoff and Quavo were playing dice at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. According to reports, there were about 50 people in the bowling alley where the shooting took place. Fatally killed rapper Takeoff. Quavo was with Takeoff, but there were no injuries. In fact, Takeoff even posted pictures of him at the bowling alley on his Instagram.

At the time of the shooting, 911 reported what had happened at the bowling alley. Houston police received news of a late-night shooting that killed Takeoff on the spot after being shot. However, two other people were also injured in the shooting. However, he was admitted to the hospital to treat his injuries.

Fans pay tribute to rapper Takeoff.

The news of the death of rapper Takeoff left a deep wound and sorrow for all his fans. Accepting the fact that Takeoff no longer exists was unbelievable. The rapper was a famous member of the group Migos, which gained popularity with the hit song ‘Versace’ in 2013.

Meanwhile, now that the rapper is dead, we have fans of the rapper who pay tribute to the rapper who has passed away. Netizens are expressing their deepest condolences to the family of rapper Takeoff. Moreover, as there have been attacks and incidents against rappers, this is not the first time a rapper has been shot.

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