Whole Foods issues health warning about ‘foreign matter contamination’ on ground beef sold by Whole Foods

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  • FSIS has issued a public health alert for certain raw meat products.
  • A warning was issued after consumers discovered “hard, hard plastic”.
  • There are “no confirmed reports” of disease or side effects.

Authorities have issued a public health alert against raw ground beef products sold in Whole Foods stores due to possible foreign matter contamination.

The problem was discovered after consumers complained that they found “hard, hard plastic” in the product. US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said on the website. It was then reported to FSIS, but no recall was made because the product was no longer available.

Instead, the FDA has issued a public health alert for affected ground beef products. These include “Organic Ranch Organic Ground Beef 93% Lean 7% Fat” and “Organic Ranch Organic Ground Beef 85% Lean 15% Fat”. Both products were produced on April 20 and have an expiry date of May 18, 2022. They come in 16 oz. Vacuum sealed package with facility number “EST. 4027” on USDA inspection mark. Product has been shipped Whole Foods Store Nationwide.

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Hard or sharp foreign objects on food cause Traumatic injuries, such as tissue perforation of the mouth or throat, and damage to the gums and teeth. For current alerts, there are “no confirmed reports” of disease or adverse events.

Affected products are no longer sold, but those who purchase should check their freezers or refrigerators. Consumers must either discard the product or bring it back to the place of purchase.

foreign matter contamination

Foreign matter is any type of contaminant. introduction As food at any point in production or distribution. For example, foreign objects may enter the product during equipment problems or personnel handling.

Food processing or manufacturing facilities operate a separate foreign material management program as needed. Some important parts of these programs include training and training staff, as well as having sensing devices to remove or limit contaminants from products.

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