Why 50 Cent Banned Trey Songz From Future Tycoon Weekend Events?

50 Cent is an American rapper, entertainer and entrepreneur. Known for his influence on the hip-hop industry, he is described as ‘a master of simple lyrical art’. Born in the South Jamaica area of ​​Queens, Jackson (50 Cent) started selling drugs at age 12 during the 1980s crack boom. He later began pursuing his music career, producing Power of the Dollar for Columbia Records in 2000. Nevertheless, it was reported that he was shot a few days before the planned release and the album was never released. After 50 Cent released a mixtape called Gues Who’s Back? in 2002, he was founded by Eminem and signed with Shady Records under the auspices of Dr Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

50 Cent is said to have banned Trey Songz from a Tycoon Weekend event in Houston. On Wednesday, August 31, rapper 50 Cent reported on his Instagram page that Trey Songz was currently banned from attending Tycoon Weekend, an annual event held in Texas. Photos of the alleged New York powerhouse R&B vocalist and striking text ‘BANNED FROM TYCOON’ were posted throughout the image. 50 Cent further explained his reasoning to his captain. He said, ‘Last TYCOON crashed Wraith, this TYCOON wants to pretend to be crazy and fight and shit with girls. He threw shit in his room. @antthaladiesman Nah tell @treysongz he can’t come. smh, with thought emoticons.

Rapper 50 Cent Ban Trey Songz From Future Tycoon Weekend Events

50 Cent called on Trey Songz on Tuesday, who said he was banned from future events because of his bad behavior, such as breaking objects and fighting women at the event. 50 Cent’s Tycoon Houston Comedy Music Fest took place last weekend. The event is said to have attracted a huge group of people who attended to help the rapper and producer G-Unity Foundation who facilitated the charity fundraising event. The event was held at the Toyota Center on August 25 and featured celebrities B-Simone, Karlous Miller, Michael Blackson, Bill Bellamy, DC Young Fly, Jess Hilarious, Gary Owen, Lil Duval and D’Lai. 50 Cent also had a closing performance with a special guest friend.

All event funds go to the G-Unity Foundation and the G-Unity Business Lab, home of the Houston Independent School District, to support students’ educational efforts, especially in business. In any case, Trey Songz’s second year in a row seems to have left a strong desire in 50 Cent’s mouth to cause commotion for the R&B vocalist. 50 Cent shared a poster on her Instagram account with a stamp depicting Banned From Tycoon in red over a photo of Trey Songz.

Trey Songz has not currently responded to 50 Cent, but he has been very calm since the start of the year as several women are known to have accused him of sexual assault. He had a mini-week after a witness confessed that a lawyer who had lied that one witness had witnessed Trey Songz assaulting a woman would give her her money. A decision on this case has not been made at this time. He still faces allegations and civil lawsuits against former UNLV basketball player Dylan Gonzalez, who assaulted him at a Las Vegas hotel.

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