Why are “Joker tattoos” trending on TikTok? Meaning and video exploration

After TikTok’s famous Medusa tattoo, we’ve seen users show a new obsession with Joker tattoos. Well, undoubtedly, some users like to get tattoos on their bodies. However, these joker tattoos are gaining huge popularity in apps, especially as users explain their meaning to everyone. So, what does a joker tattoo symbolize?

Read ahead to learn more about the Joker tattoos that are gaining popularity on TikTok.

Joker tattoos go viral on TikTok

So far, there have been several trends in TikTok. Some of them have to do with tattoos, which have become hugely popular on the app. Well, whether it’s a Medusa tattoo or not, users have definitely found it amazing.

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However, another tattoo went viral on the app with the recent appearance of the famous villain character, the Joker. Many users have seen tattoos of the villain Joker on their bodies. It’s definitely attracting everyone’s attention because they want to have that tattoo. But most of them have been trying to figure out what the tattoo even symbolizes.

What does the joker tattoo symbolize?

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve definitely seen what the Joker’s character is. The character had a joker makeup on his face and was known for being a hellish evil villain. But there was something that made the character a bad guy.

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Hopefully, that’s what the Joker’s tattoo symbolizes. According to some of the tattooed users, it symbolizes a lack of love, abandonment and plenty of similar feelings. One of the users even compared the tattoo to the dark side of life.

Users’ reactions to the joker tattoo

Certainly, since the famous Medusa tattoo, which symbolizes strength and power, became famous. We have a lot of users who would do that tattoo. Meanwhile, a similar thing is now happening with the Joker’s tattoos. As many users showed interest in the joker tattoo,

One of the users asked if he could get the Joker’s tattoo if he liked it. She got a response saying that she could get those tattoos for whatever reason. One user even said that the Joker’s tattoo means patience. Also, the hashtag on tattoos has been viewed more than 37 million times.

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