Why did Addison Rae delete her Twitter account? Check out the fans reaction

Addison Rae, a popular TikTok star, went missing on Twitter when her account suddenly disappeared from the platform. Despite having millions of fans on social media platforms. Her Twitter account was recently found to have disappeared. It actually made all of her fans think about why Addison Rae isn’t on Twitter right now.

Read ahead to learn more about Addison Rae deleting her Twitter account and fans wanting to know why.

Addison Rae has deleted her Twitter account.

Addison Rae was a famous TikTok star who is now also a celebrity. Along with her huge fan following of her Rae, her social media accounts are full of fans who love her. In fact, her Twitter account also had about 5 million followers.

Recently, however, her fans discovered that Addison Rae’s Twitter handle had gone missing. Looks like Rae deleted her Twitter account. Her Twitter handle @whoisaddison was found to have disappeared on November 24, 2022.

Why did Addison Rae delete her Twitter account?

Addison Rae has millions of fans across all social media. However, no one knows what made Addison Rae leave Twitter. Because she didn’t say anything to her fans about leaving her platform. It happened suddenly.

Meanwhile, Monty Lopez has recently admitted to divorcing ex-wife Sherry Easterling. Due to Sheri and Monty’s love lives and problems, Rae unfollowed them some time ago. However, we are still uncertain about Rae’s absence from Twitter. Looks like Rae took a break from her Twitter.

Fans react to Ray’s Twitter account deletion

Fans greatly support Addison Rae. They see that Rae has deleted her own Twitter account, much to her literal dismay. Meanwhile, her refusal to inform anyone about her reason for leaving Twitter made fans think about why Rae left. In fact, Addison Ray’s sad fans even reacted sadly to Ray’s decision to leave her Twitter account.

One fan wrote, “Addison Rae has disabled Twitter. This is the worst day of my life.” Although many others have said similar things. But her fans wonder when she’ll tell all her fans why Addison suddenly left her Twitter.

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