Why did Chris Wallace leave Fox News?

After working with Fox News for about 20 years, famous American broadcaster Chris Wallace decided to leave it. Well, this news certainly caused a lot of buzz all over the internet. Chris has been involved with the Fox Network for a really long time. Now his departure is shocking to everyone. But why did he leave Fox News?

Read ahead to learn more about why Chris Wallace left Fox News.

Chris Wallace and Fox News

Chris Wallace, whose real name is Christopher Wallace, rose to prominence as an American broadcast journalist. As a journalist, he gained immense popularity and worked in the industry for about 50 years. CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc. have all had the opportunity to work with Chris Wallace for many years.

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Aside from most networks, Chris also works with Fox News. Through this network, Chris’ work continued from 2003 to 2021. His announcement on this network, spanning several decades, was a shock to everyone.

Why did Chris Wallace leave Fox News?

Chris Wallace provided tremendous support to Fox News during his time with the network. Fox News got most of the fame because of Chris’ amazing work. As a reporter for Fox News, his views were obviously hard to miss.

But it was not a relationship that should last forever. In December of last year, he left the show and surprised everyone. He said of his own decision to leave Fox News, “I felt I was no longer comfortable with Fox’s programming.” He felt that being on the network was “unsustainable” for him. Therefore, he decided to leave the network.

Chris Wallace currently works for CNN.

Well, hopefully after leaving Fox News, Chris Wallace didn’t leave his job as a reporter. Like he’s on CNN now. His new show is titled “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?” The show already premiered on HBO Max on September 23 this year.

Meanwhile, it appeared on CNN two days later. The show also invites several guests this season, including Tyler Perry, Shania Twain, Alex Rodriguez, James Patterson, and more. Don’t forget, the show is running pretty well with the ratings.

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