Why did Yeah Yeah Yeahs cancel 3 Australian tours in 2022?

If you’ve been waiting for the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs to tour Australia, there’s bad news because three of their Australian dates didn’t happen. Yes, that’s because of the band’s health issues. Therefore, recently the band announced that three dates of their Australian tour were not open.

Yes Yes Yes Three Australian dates have been canceled due to health issues.

Yes Yes Yes Australia tour canceled for 3 days

Undoubtedly, this year, music lovers are being treated to the return of their favorite bands and music artists live. But among them was also the popular band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Because the band planned a tour of Australia this year. A slight change in it will definitely make fans unhappy.

Yes, yes, yes, I have now canceled three tours of Australia. As they said on their social media accounts that mention the same thing. Although the band wasn’t exactly clear what made them so. However, it was noted that cancellations occur due to health concerns.

What dates have been canceled for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour in Australia?

Yes Yes Yes We canceled 3 dates with Australia. You must take note. The organizers mentioned three dates, the first of which is July 20th. The second must be on July 22. The third is on July 24th. Therefore, Sydney, Melbourne and Splendor In The Grass dates do not occur.

Yes Yes Yes for Splendor In The Grass You can enjoy an avalanche instead of the festival. On the 3rd, the band posted a cancellation notice on SNS. This is because he apologized for not attending the three dates due to health problems.

Fan reaction to Yeah Yeah Yeahs cancellation of 3 Australian dates

It’s certainly sad for all fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs who have been waiting for the dates of the Sydney, Melbourne and Splendor In The Grass festivals. However, the band promised future performances for their fans as soon as they return in good health.

Meanwhile, for those who have already purchased tickets for the Australia tour, the date has been cancelled. A full refund as stated in the band’s own post. So you can check the post for more details.

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