Why does Kanye West wear winter clothes in summer? YE explains on Instagram.

Kanye West’s candid views and life beyond music have received tremendous media coverage. He has been regularly the subject of controversy for his comments on the music and fashion industries, American politics, race and slavery, as well as his actions on social media and at awards and public events. His Christian beliefs, his estranged marriage to Kim Kardashian, and emotional stability also received media attention. As a fashion designer, he collaborated with Nike, Louis Vuitton, The Gap, and APC in the apparel and footwear field, and is known to have led the collaboration with Adidas and G. He is also the founder and CEO of the creative content company Donda.

Kanye West may be a fashion trendsetter, but recently individuals have been commenting on why he constantly wears hoodies and boots in hot weather. In a post he recently revealed via his Instagram account, the producer finally explained why he wears winter clothes in the summer. On Saturday, September 3rd, Ye posted an article on her Instagram account explaining why she wears winter clothes in summer. His answer might make you scratch your head. His message was “Sometimes, I dress like winter when it’s hot, ’cause my clothes are hot,” he wrote in his IG post. IMA look regular before sweating. At the BET Awards, this Universal nigga asked me if I was sexy, and he continued. I told this bastard you work for Universal. Ha ha ha.

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Rapper Kanye West explains why she wears winter clothes in summer.

Kanye West’s most recent message came after a Chicago rapper and producer spent two days on his Instagram account blaming those who felt he was getting in the way of being creative. In one of his IG posts, he dissed his former collaborator Kid Cudi, mocking Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted for a fake dead newspaper headline. In another post, he was alleged to have ridiculed ex-Pete Davidson of ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian for calling Travis Scott and other sperm donors for courteous harassment.

Also, in a past IG video that was later deleted, Kanye West delivered what seemed to be an angry rant to Gap executives, while giving the impression of a lively speech. A new level of fashion brand. Kanye West has signed a 10-year deal with fashion label Gap, and his latest collection launched in stores a month ago. If Kanye West resigns, it will be a disaster for Gap, when CEO Sonia Syngal resigned in July. The company is known to have needed to apply massive price cuts to clear its inflated inventory. The company’s Q2 revenue was down 8% compared to the same period last year and similar sales were down 10%.

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