Why is Rachel DeLoache Williams suing Netflix’s Inventing Anna series?

Netflix’s Inventing Anna immediately gained cult ratings and fame, but Rachel DeLoache Williams, known as Anna’s true friend, wasn’t satisfied with it. On Monday, August 29, 2022, it became known that a friend of Anna Sorokin, a former Vanity Fair employee and a friend of hers, filed a defamation claim against the streaming monster that portrayed her in her series. According to Rachel DeLoache Williams, Netflix gave fictional names to many of the characters in the series, but for the sake of Rachel DeLoache Williams and her protection, they didn’t. She stole her real name and identity, and even cast celebrities who looked alike in many ways.

Former Vanity Fair photo editor Rachel DeLoache Williams published an article about her experience with Anna Sorokin and a book called ‘My Friend Anna’, which sold the rights to HBO. Netflix’s translation of the story is based on an all-inclusive May 2018 New York magazine article, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the network paid Anna Sorokin the rights to her story.

Who is Rachel DeLoache Williams?

Rachel DeLoache Williams is an American author, photographer and editor. Rachel DeLoache Williams claims that she previously worked as a Vanity Fair photo editor and producer and she claims to be a German heiress, and at $62,000 she rises noticeably to the former friend of the scammer Anna Sorokin who scammed Rachel DeLoache Williams. . After her scam, she detailed Anna Sorokin to the New York Police Department and the New York County District Attorney to help the police find and arrest Anna Sorokin in Los Angeles.

She also testified against her in court. Rachel DeLoache Williams later wrote an article about her meeting with Anna Sorokin at the 2018 Vanity Fair, later contributed to Time and Air Mail, and authored the book My Friend Anna: A True Story of New York City’s Fake Heiress. Rachel DeLoache Williams was one of the real individuals portrayed in her real life show about the ‘fake heiress’ Anna Delvey, known as Anna Sorokin in Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Why is Rachel sued for Netflix’s Inventing Anna series?

Streaming giant Netflix has made a conscious choice to show what Rachel acts or expresses in a series that depicts Rachel as a greedy, snobbish, unfaithful, unscrupulous, weak, crafty, and sharp individual, Rachel’s lawyers sued wrote: Delaware Federal Court on Monday. The lawsuit alleges a critique of invasion of privacy and a misleading minor invasion, claiming real and hypothesized damages and punitive damages, but not specific amounts. We’re further asking for instructions to ensure that Netflix doesn’t make defamatory statements and remove those statements from the Inventing Anna series.

The suit lists numerous incidents in which she is dishonestly portrayed, remembering key scenes where she absorbs Anna Sorokin and later leaves her in Morocco. In fact, she has never acted or expressed any such behavior and a lawsuit is ongoing. Williams has been exposed to a flood of online abusive (and) negative face-to-face interactions because Netflix has misrepresented her as her personal, mean and mean-spirited. Attorney Rachel argues that catastrophic damage to Williams’ position could have been avoided, and the creators of the Netflix show may have developed a fictional person to give him an antagonist. The lawsuit claims that the defamatory statements in this series were made by Netflix with real malice, characterized by information about lies or mad negligence, either true or deceptive.

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