Why is Randy Travis in a wheelchair in the Post Malone video?

Randy Travis recently appeared in a video clip of herself and vocalist Post Malone doing a beer pong. The video caused concern among fans after seeing Randy Travis in a wheelchair. Randy Travis was partying with Post Malone backstage after a recent 12 carat tour show in Nashville. They were additionally joined by guitarist Billy Strings and country star Luke Bryan. The Strings posted a few photos of the meeting via social media, along with a video of Post Malone and Randy Travis pong lager. The clip shows Randy Travis sitting in a wheelchair tossing a ping-pong ball. In the remarks section of the post, Strings wrote that Randy Travis had seen the full performance of Post Malone, adding that Post Malone also played one of Randy Travis’s songs while walking the stage. Randy Travis posted a clip of his beer pong on TikTok and called Post Malone the coolest man in the world.

Randy Travis’ fans worried about him after seeing him in a wheelchair in a beer pong video posted by Billy Strings. The specific rationale for this has not yet been elucidated, but it is very likely that a wheelchair was used as a result of the stroke Travis experienced in 2013. He was reportedly hospitalized in July 2013 with viral cardiomyopathy. upper respiratory tract infection. At the time, he had a stroke and had to undergo medical procedures to reduce the strain on his brain. Anyway, he woke up a few days after the medical procedure with his heart pounding without the help of a machine.

What happened to Randy Travis as his health problems were explored after a viral video

Over the weekend, a clip of Randy Travis and Sunflower vocalist Post Malone playing beer pong caused a web sensation on social media, prompting the country vocalist to ask why he was sitting in a wheelchair. On Sunday, Post Malone performed in the country music capital of Nashville. Joining several country stars, including Randy Travis, following his show would have been quite unexpected for music fans. A clip of their get-together went viral on social media as many were outraged to see Travis and Post Malone doing a series of beer pongs together. The video got some momentum on the web, but likewise some people seem to be asking why Randy Travis is sitting in a wheelchair. Country singer legend Randy Travis was seen joining Post Malone behind the scenes after a 12-carat tour show in Nashville. The moment was shared by guitarist Billy Strings on Instagram, who likewise joined Post backstage with fellow country star Luke Bryan. In the clip, Randy Travis can be seen tossing a ping-pong ball sitting in a wheelchair.

In the comments section of the viral video, Picker revealed that Travis had actually seen the full performance of the Post Malone show, adding that he played one of Travis’s songs as the rapper walked down the stage. “There’s a lot of fanatical respect here and there,” he added. It was cool. Following a recent behind-the-scenes appearance with Post Malone, interest in why the country vocalist is in a wheelchair seems to have started on the web. The singer’s life, now 63, has changed dramatically after suffering a stroke in 2013 at the age of 54. The vocalist suffered a stroke after suffering from viral cardiomyopathy, a virus that settles inside the heart, according to the state of Tennessee. He said that the infection caused his heart to stop and later filled with fluid and accumulated in his lungs. Country Living fell into a coma after Randy Travis’ stroke, later explaining that the vocalist had life-saving medical procedures in mind. In the course of his recovery, Travis was treated to restore his ability to perform the work of his body, and likewise found out how to walk once again. The 63-year-old vocalist was mostly wheelchair-bound for the next several years.

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