Why is #RIPTwitter trending on Twitter? User Shares Funny Memes After Thousands of Employees Leave the Platform

Twitter is seeing another trend as #RIPTwitter goes viral on the platform as thousands opt out of the social media platform. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, users have been unhappy with the way Twitter is doing things now. We have tons of trends on Twitter to protest changes to the platform.

Read ahead to learn more about Twitter gaining a new trend of #RIPTwitter after thousands resigned from the platform.

Twitter gets a new trend of #RIPTwitter.

Ever since we broke the news that Elon Musk will be the new owner of Twitter. Users expected a lot to change for the benefit of social media platforms. This definitely came when Musk finally became the owner of Twitter.

However, users don’t seem to like the way Musk is presenting a series of changes to the platform. We recently got a hashtag trend on Twitter that shows how many users are against changes on the social media platform. #RIPTwitter is a trend on Twitter that started after thousands of Twitter employees resigned from the platform.

Why are users angry at Twitter after Musk took over the platform?

Twitter has billions of users on its platform. Even before Twitter came to Musk, users had some issues with the platform. Things seem to have gotten worse since Musk joined as owner.

The reason users don’t like social media platforms anymore is because they’re upset with the platform’s changes. Whether it’s Twitter’s $8-per-month paid verification plan or Musk’s decision to lay off employees from the platform, these are all things users can’t accept.

After actually giving it an ultimatum to accept Twitter 2.0 by November 17th. Right now, Twitter employees have to decide whether to accept the change or just leave. Nearly 75% of existing employees have already rejected the change, and thousands have resigned.

User reactions to the #RIPTwitter trend

While the tug-of-war between Twitter users and Musk continues. We have already seen many users leave the platform by now. Some continue to use the platform but protest the changes.

One of the Twitter users wrote “Hi Twitter, nice work”. Another said, “Uh, the end of an era.” Several memes about the situation are also going viral on the internet.

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