Why the NBA is frustrated with the Mavs not following bench etiquette

For the third time in the NBA playoffs this season, the Dallas Mavericks have been fined for the same offense as a league rule violation of team bench etiquette.

The league announced its third fine on Sunday, Mavs bench results against Golden State in Game 2 Friday Western Conference Finals.

The fine has been doubled from $25,000 to $50,000 and is $100,000 for the most recent offense.

“Some players and coaching staff have been standing on the Mavericks’ team bench area for extended periods of time and away from the team bench, often on the court or encroaching on the court during matches,” the league said. It was announced in a statement approved by NBA League Operations President Byron Spruell.

The tone of that statement doesn’t reflect the league’s frustration with the Mavericks. The league believes that the behavior of the Mavs bench affects the safety, competitiveness and consideration of the players.

League rules require players to remain seated while the ball is in play during a match. Exceptions are made when voluntarily responding to notable plays or reporting to the scorer’s table to confirm a match. Athletes who are not participating in the match must not stand on the team bench or stay far away during the match. Bench players must not distract their opponents in an unsportsmanlike manner during play.

The last item, distracting the opponent in an unsportsmanlike way during game action, is executed in Game 2 with the Warriors in white jersey and Steph Curry throws the ball at Theo Pinson, who is not in a jersey but is wearing a white sweater. has been He raised his left arm. Curry obviously thought it was a Warriors teammate.

The play in particular upset league officials.

The league doesn’t want players to stand up, especially after big games, but they don’t want players to take up most of the game, especially if the fans behind them can’t see it.

Technical fouls were not used as a deterrent as these bench etiquette issues were usually resolved after the league intervened, and the league has no plans to issue technicals during the conference finals.

However, this topic will be discussed offseason and the league will explore ways to deal with bench etiquette during games in real time, one person with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports. He requested anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak publicly on the subject.

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Before the NBA fined Dallas for the first time, the Mavericks warned the Mavericks to stop acting and abide by rules of bench etiquette.

Mavs refused to comply, adding to the league’s frustration. A similar violation occurred before, but the problem was resolved.

Dallas deserves a fine in the league and is owned by Mark Cuban, who sits near the team bench. Sometimes I stand side by side with the players and cheer them on. During his tenure as his owner, he was fined over $3 million. This excludes the de facto fine of $10 million donated to organizations that promote women to leadership roles and combat domestic violence after an investigation into Mavs’ workplace culture. .

Game 3 is Sunday in Dallas, and Cuba doesn’t seem to be shaken by the league’s fines. He tweeted a video of Nets bench players celebrating the play, and retweeted a video of Golden State’s Draymond Green complaining to game officials about the Cuban call. “Our bench is out of control!”

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