Why Use Crypto for Italian Casino Players?

The accessibility of cryptocurrencies has provided significant benefits to a variety of sectors, including the online gambling industry. Italy is one of the most liberal countries in Europe when it comes to gambling operations with more flexible laws, so this country should take over crypto gambling to make the gambler’s experience more comfortable. Digital currencies have become a trend among gamblers around the world as they can actually access the best casinos and send money instantly.

Although the European Union has not yet introduced proper cryptocurrency regulations, Italy plans to regulate its own cryptocurrency market so that cryptocurrency users can send money safely and securely. Here are some reasons why Italian players should use cryptocurrency when depositing or withdrawing from online casinos.

Opportunity to try non-AAMS sites

AAMS, short for Agenzia Dogane e Monopolio di Stato, is an official Italian gambling regulatory body that has been operating since 1999. This powerful institution is known in English as the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopoly, and in addition to regulating the gambling industry, it also regulates the AAMS. Oversees customs relations and the tobacco industry. This gambling jurisdiction has the authority to issue licenses in Italy, so choosing a crypto casino is an opportunity for players there to try a non-AAMS casino website.

However, this does not mean that these websites are illegal or operate without a license. They actually have licenses from other gambling regulators that have gained a great reputation in the world.

In addition to licensing the non-AAMS casinos listed below https://nonaams.com/, these foreign gambling regulators also oversee operators to comply with consumer protection regulations and to treat players in a fair and transparent manner. Top online gambling regulators and casino licensing agencies include the UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and Curaçao Gaming Authority.

More different casino brands

As cryptocurrencies become mainstream, online casinos have adopted this payment method to allow players to transfer money quickly and efficiently. When Italian gamblers use this innovative digital payment solution, operators are increasing their interest in this effective banking option, giving them a wider choice of popular online casinos. Crypto casino sites are more interesting than traditional fiat brands, but they guarantee a high level of safety and very smooth transactions.

Nevertheless, before registering on these casino websites, players should consider some criteria to avoid problems with gambling. In fact, in 2021 Italian authorities confiscated more than $95.8 million in harsh measures to combat illegal gambling related to organized crime. This means that despite efforts to eradicate illegal online gambling by blocking websites, players should consider the following conditions:

  • Operating license from ADM (AAMS) or other reputable regulatory body
  • Review from trusted sources
  • Ample bonuses and promotions
  • Games from major software providers
  • A variety of reliable payment options
  • high quality customer service

Deposit and withdrawal cannot be confirmed

Italian players must complete verification before the casino operator accepts any withdrawals or deposits. Known as KYC or Know Your Customer, this measure is imposed by regulators to verify a player’s identity and financial information. Therefore, Licensee must apply this policy to prevent financial crimes related to online casinos such as money laundering, fraud, corruption and many others.

This process is always complicated for gamblers as they have to wait for approval after submitting their personal documents. Obviously, KYC affects your gambling experience and you do not provide any personal documents to the casino operator when registering for a Crypto casino. Since Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies do not involve intermediaries such as banks or other finance, players can avoid verification. So you can deposit and cash out without going through lengthy procedures.

fast payment

win at online casinos Regulated by ADM Or any other institution is always an interesting moment and we rush to withdraw our payouts. Gamblers using fiat money have to wait several times to receive their money. In practice, the process will take longer, from 24 hours to 5 business days, depending on the bank option you choose. Therefore, the player’s requirement is, of course, to withdraw their winnings as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, when you sign up for a casino brand that accepts cryptocurrencies, transactions happen in real time thanks to the blockchain used in this payment system. In fact, transactions with these digital currencies occur via electronic messages sent over the entire network, accompanied by transaction instructions.

The only details in these instructions include the recipient’s electronic address and currency quantity. Transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin usually take no more than an hour to complete, but delays may occur if there are large volumes of transactions occurring at the same time.

anonymous gambling

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrency gambling is the confidentiality of payments. This is not the case for users who choose cryptocurrency as their payment option when fiat users have to provide numerous documents before their funds are allowed to move.

Transferring funds into this effective system guarantees complete confidentiality and anonymity. The reason cryptocurrency transactions are called pseudo-anonymous is that when using cryptocurrency, you do not need to provide any personal information such as a player’s name, email, bank account or credit card number. The technology of digital currency is a blockchain that moves funds anonymously without intermediaries. These virtual assets are cryptographically protected, allowing third parties to verify transactions. As mentioned above, the only information needed is the user’s address in order to know where the transaction is located.


The invention of cryptocurrencies is a revolution in the online gambling industry as it offers players several advantages. This innovative payment solution is controlled by blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, anonymity, decentralization and fast payments.

Italian casino players can also play with well-known non-AAMS brands that are rated for providing excellent service and a library of casino games. It is not surprising that Italian casino enthusiasts await the adoption of cryptocurrencies to enhance their experience when playing at online casinos.

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