Will Apple release an AR headset? everything we know so far

Apple’s WWDC event is just over two weeks away. Virtual with small face-to-face events for some lucky developers, assuming the face-to-face part doesn’t shrink.

Could this be the moment when the legendary Apple Glass augmented reality headset is unveiled? Here’s everything we know so far.

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It just showed up on the Apple Board.

If a new report Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman right. Apparently, a board member showed a demo of the new headset a few days ago. Gurman says the reveal suggests it could be “in the next few months.” He also said the announcement is planned for later this year or early next year, with a consumer launch in 2023.

Gurman said demos on the board are a general path towards the final product, and Siri will be demoed “a few weeks before release”.

How many weeks, huh? No connection with WWDC? Wouldn’t that be the perfect One More Thing element? Doesn’t it make sense to be unveiled at an event for developers so you can start building the apps your headset needs to thrive?

I think it’s a possibility, and it’s consistent with Gurman’s claim that working on RealityOS (rOS for short) that will power the headset has recently gone into overdrive.

My thoughts on this are that it makes a lot of sense, but the absence of large in-person attendance at WWDC means that it is unlikely. But it’s not impossible.

Gurman also said the Dub-Dub was targeted, but delayed due to unresolved issues like overheating and headset content. Perhaps a demo to the board means it’s almost on track?

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So far, there have been many reports of the headset itself, but they are often contradictory. It looks like Jony Ive is still involved here. It’s not surprising given that Apple has said that it will remain his main concern even after he leaves. And that this is a standalone device that is not connected to a mains or computer for electrical or electronic power.

Rumor has it that the first-generation model will cost around $3,000. That’s a lot, and that’s not how Apple launches a product and lowers the price of version 2 significantly. And let’s remember And there were many rumors that the first iPad would cost $1,000 before it was announced by then-CEO Steve Jobs. $499. So I’m taking that price rumor with a bit of salt.

Augmented reality is possible, but virtual reality is also possible. It includes two ultra-high-resolution displays and a third low-resolution OLED display for peripheral vision, more than a dozen cameras, a LiDAR sensor and a powerful processor.

You’ll know in a few weeks if the device is close enough to be visible to developers. It’s really possible, but my hunch is that there will be private events a little later in the year of their debut. But are your fingers crossed?

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