Will Cartoon Network end? Warner Bros. Merger Explained

When the news that the children’s channel was permanently closed, Cartoon Network fans caused a great controversy through SNS.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What happened to Cartoon Network?

Collider confirmed on October 12 that Cartoon Network Studios will all be joining forces with Warner Brothers Animation. They cited the reason as part of a ‘strategic restructuring’ of the company.

Both labels are reported to continue to remain unique studios. But they will share the same production and development team.

After that, they became Warner Bros. It is merging with Discover’s studio, Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe, which will continue to be a separate legal entity.

Nevertheless, all wood studios will be led by label president Sam Register.

What’s more, Cartoon Network’s art director David DePasquale blocked all sensational rumors via his Twitter account.

‘Shame on @cartoonbrew for spreading panic. These are decisions that affect real people, studios and jobs. You seem to be interested in making the story with the most sensational (and inaccurate) version of the event. It shows your lack of journalistic integrity.’

Also, in a follow-up message, he said, ‘Remember how much joy animation gives you. There have always been ups and downs in this industry, but we’ve always been able to get through it all.’

RIP Cartoon Network Online Trend

Many fans expressed their feelings through social media due to the misinformation about Cartoon Network’s farewell speech. Nevertheless, the RIP Cartoon Network soon began to become popular on the platform.

One fan said, ‘Lip Cartoon Network. Thank you for all the memories and making the 90’s kid’s childhood wonderful.’

The second fan was ‘RIP Cartoon Network; Truly a GOAT of childhood animation.’

The third share is ‘RIP Cartoon Network. I don’t mind anyone saying they’ve had the best runs since the 90’s. They had the best lineup and the best players of all time.’

Meanwhile, despite the clarification, some fans are convinced that the creative freedom of the network will be undermined after the merger.

A user pointed to ‘Rip Cartoon Network Studios (as we know it)’. 1994-2022. The brand continues to exist, but Cartoon Network Studios is a Warner Bros. It will be merged with Animation.’

Someone else said, ‘The only Cartoon Network I remember and celebrate is one of the late 90’s and 2000’s. I still miss those days. But it is a pity that people of this age lose it. RIP Cartoon Network.’


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