Will Kenan Thompson leave and end ‘Saturday Night Live’ after season 50?

Kenan Thompson, a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy series since 2003, argues that limiting it to 50 may not be a bad idea.

Is Kenan Thompson going to leave?

‘Saturday Night Live’ host Kennan Thompson has hinted that producer Ron Michaels might leave the show if he leaves. After appearing on the show for 20 years, Thompson made the surprising statement “Hell of a Week” in a podcast interview with Charlamagne tha God. Rumor has it that the program will stop after its 50th season as Lorne Michaels won’t continue after turning 80. Is it accurate? On the podcast, Thompson was asked a question and said, “That’s a rumor, right? Okay, now I need to start planning.”

Is the NCB cutting the show budget?

Except for five years in the mid-1980s, Michaels was responsible for “Saturday Night Live” throughout his entire tenure. Given that the 50 is a good place to stop, Thompson adds, “That rumor could be worth a lot.” “Wow, what a wonderful gift. By then he’ll be close to 80, and you know he’s the one who influenced everything. As a result, it will be a fantastic opportunity to save money on NBC as well if someone tries to fill their vacancy. Do you know what I mean? If the [NBC] If you cut your budget, you can’t make the same kind of show.

So with these limitations, it’s inherently unfair to witness a burn to the ground. He suggested that limiting it to 50 might not be a bad idea. Canadian-born Thompson said in December 2021, “I think I’m doing my best to make this show (SNL) run until its 50th anniversary in three years.” It will be a good moment to leave. However… I invested too much in it. My life has been dedicated to it. So we will do our best to keep it going.


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